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bov/diverter valve

Sayre Jun 5, 2006

  1. Sayre

    Sayre Member

    I have been searching and searching and come across nothing so i joined up here to ask as i am a new owner of a S4.. my question is, I have heard installing a blow off valve in place of the diverter valve is harmful to the engine due to the fact that it was made with two smaller turbo's to deplete the need for it. so basically would my S4 benefit or be harmed by installing a bov? another question, what are common problems with S4's because since i bought it everyone is telling me they have a lot of problems, any truth to this? thanks guys!
  2. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    As with a lot of vehicles, there are comman faults and failures. The S4 has its fair share, but if you know what your looking for you can prevent most of the failures by upgrading certain parts.

    You can fit twin piston dump valves that cause no harm or that dont trigger any sensors. The ECU wont know they are on.

    However, the 710A's diverter valves that come standard on the S4 are common failures, a good upgrade is to buy some 710N's, about £40 from an Audi stealer for two, more reliable than standard ones.

    Take a look a this link below, it provides a comprhensive buyers list for the S4. Also on the www.rs246.com forum, is a again a very good list of S4 common faults. If i find it, i shall post it. or search on this forum for S4.

    S4 Buyers guide



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