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Bouncing Idle?

spannah Jan 29, 2008

  1. spannah

    spannah Member


    I was driving normally on a motorway for about 20mins, came off it and drove normally down an A-Road, i had to boost a little bit as i pulled out and noticed a car coming quickly, 3mins later i parked up and waited to pick someone up.

    I then noticed that my idling started bouncing whilst staitionairy from 1000rpm dropping to about 700rpm then back up.

    Heres a recording i took.

  2. Bula_82

    Bula_82 Self Confessed Nightmare!

    mine does that, it also sometimes sits idling high.

    i'll get around to cleaning the throttle, hopefully its just that filthy and interferring
  3. spannah

    spannah Member

    Theres still a few things that i want to get done to her but might have to settle till the summer.

    I want to do the following;

    Clean Throttle Body
    Change the 3 main hoses to either Samco or Forge
    Change the DV to a Forge OEM one, but just have a better quality one rather than the normal plastic one.

    How much would all this have cost?
  4. S3 Dave

    S3 Dave Now running on Heavy Oil

    I,d get your MAF checked whilst your doing the other work!
  5. spannah

    spannah Member

    Wot would i be checking the MAF for?
    Would it be dirty etc?
  6. jesters3

    jesters3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    1. Cleaning TB will cost bugger all apart from a can of carb cleaner. Very straightforward to do just need a number 5 hex key and half an hour.
    2. Got Samco Blue TIP and Upper Boost hoses fitted, I used JCS Clips, total cost came to £250ish. Fitting was the fun bit; the upper boost hoses were straightforward enough; take off bumper for one of the them and the other one is a knuckle scraper. The TIP I paid some one £40 to do it. You can do it yourself just need time to do it; Danotto did it using the AutoHaus TIP
    3. Personally stayed with the OE Bosch one and have a spare one. The Forge costs about £80 IIRC and fitting is a 10 min job, just unclip a couple of hoses and thats about it.

    You can buy the above from DPM, Awesome and the rest.

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