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Bought the wife a new motor, not an Audi, but a peach of a car anyway.

StateOfPlay Dec 6, 2011

  1. StateOfPlay

    StateOfPlay Well-Known Member

    Wife is suffering health wise, so had to get her a new motor, it had to be an Auto, and be a bit higher so she can get in easily. Looked at various options, but had to rule out MPV or "people carrier" as my wife didn't want to look old, and we don't have ankle biters.

    We looked at Merc A series, nice car, drove ok, but a mini version of a people carrier really.

    So we changed tack and looked at a 4x4. Just because it is higher up, with better visibility, and because I always wanted one.

    Our budget was about £5000 plus my wife's car, so we were looking at £8500 to £9000, and because it had to be an auto, there was not a lot of choice.

    After ruling out BMW because it was too big, same with VW, Merc M series, we looked at Audi which was too expensive.

    Eventually we narrowed it down to Honda CRV or Toyota Rav 4. Managed to find a 2005 Honda CR-V Executive with 50000 miles in mint condition. FSH, 1 owner, and it was advertised for £9000. Was unable to haggle, the seller was not budging on the asking price, I walked away, and still he didn't budge. So I ended up going back next day and paying the full price for it.
    A4 Cab, is dropping it's value like a stone, but 4X4's are holding their own. I was talking to a guy in car sales and he said the 4x4 are the cars that are shifting, everything else is slow.

    I have decided not to change my Cab as I will not get a good price for it, so I am going to keep it for a few more years. I might even keep it for another 5 years, it is a wicked car to drive.
  2. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Can't go wrong with a Jap 4x4, I just got myself an 06 plate Rav4. Paid top dollar also, but they was discontinued in 3dr in 2005, so I got one of the last ones with low mileage(34k) and lots of toys, so more than happy with it... plus my missus won't get stuck if some snow comes down, which is the main reason for owning one.

    WAFTER Member

    Congratulations for using your brain and being influenced by the car not the badge
  4. gary3306

    gary3306 Active Member VCDS Map User

    We run a few CR-V's at work and they are lovely motors. The build quality is second to none. It'll serve you many years I'm sure. Enjoy.
  5. StateOfPlay

    StateOfPlay Well-Known Member

    Cheers, it is a nice motor, the wife is well happy. Really roomy as well, it isn't that big to drive, but it has masses of space.

    And it has a picnic table! Weird but true!
  6. sportstractor

    sportstractor Chugger

    The crv four wheel drive system is ment to be pretty clever to. My dad has a rav4, brilliant car and always reliable but the bloody boot doesnt open all the way!
  7. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    It's funny how cars we would dismiss make perfect sense for our other halves! As Joe says, you rarely go wrong with a Japanese car.

    I'm sure the first CRV's even came with a shower attachment for the rear?
  8. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Can I take my words back? lol

    OK, the Rav4 hasn't actually failed to start or anything, but I can't disarm the frikin alarm, and despite being a factory alarm, it's seperate to the cars electrics, so I can't just unlock the car with the carkey and stick it in the ignition like VAG cars! Thought it was a flat carkey battery, but same problem wih the spare key, and doing some googling, it seems to be interfearance of radio signals in the air or something??? I disarmed the alarm @1.30am last night with the keyfob, thought I'd give it one last try before I hit the sack. It's now just locked with the key.
  9. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Really nice car, im sure your wife will have many happy, safe miles in it.

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