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Bought an S3 from a member on here...

turnstyle Oct 2, 2012

  1. turnstyle

    turnstyle Member

    You may, or may not, know this car:
    Audi S3 Quattro 3dr Hatchback 1.8 2001

    Bought it off Alex -Pointed out every minor fault before i could even notice haha
    Really impressed with the service history - couldnt read it all as theres loads!
    Was more impressed with Alex as he was very passionate about his car.

    Very nice car, even drove alot smoother than i thought it would on coilovers!
    Anywho, deposit paid and look forward to picking it up this weekend!

    Its quicker than i thought it would be considering its only stage 1. Nice and smooth - not as brutal as my focus st is.
    And obviously it grips better due to it having awd and tyres wider than a fat chicks ****!

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  2. sam4191

    sam4191 If In doubt, Flat out!

    That really is one gorgeous S3! I want those wheels in bronze!
  3. iR8V10

    iR8V10 Noob

    Gorgeous car. great stance and wheels.

    What widths are they and tyre sizes?
  4. smurfworth

    smurfworth Well-Known Member Audi S3

  5. turnstyle

    turnstyle Member

    Cheers for the comments - but Alex deserves all the credit.
    I just handed the cash over and agreed to send the rest via bank.

    I think he said the wheels were 9.5? or 8.5?
    Im inclined to say 9.5 as they are very wide. Tyres almost look like they are hanging on for deer life - but they are the correct tyres for this wheel width im told.

    As soon as my wife spotted this on autotrader she pretty much demanded i phoned and arranged to see it - despite it being over an hours drive away haha
    (dont worry, she is far from your typical woman driver - never curbed an alloy yet)

  6. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon Manual

    Looks spot on mate - welcome to the club!!
  7. turnstyle

    turnstyle Member


    I wasnt going to do anything to the car and leave it as it is...... but after reading what others have done im probably going to fit AH fabrications FMIC and build my way upto revo stage 2 - but that will be it!
    I've got no plans to go any higher than that - think that will be more than enough for a daily driver :)
  8. camscockle20vT

    camscockle20vT The stigs ugly brother

    Why revo stage 2? Go custom map, two very reputable companys wil see you to the good side of 270+bhp. Badger5 in bristol and a sponser on here and R-tech in leicester a guy call niki is a magician.

    Oh and spot on motor, how close to the askin price did you get it for if you dont mind me asking! I really wanted an s3 :(
  9. turnstyle

    turnstyle Member

    I dont mind. We agreed on £5650 - slightly more than i wanted to pay but its got everything i was after.
    I was hoping to get it for £5500 which is probably more around what its worth.
    But hey, if you find a car that gives you a good feeling about it then i guess its worth spending more than you wanted!

    But seeing as ive seen his ad on here for £6000 since joining im more than happy - i would have still gone to see it at that figure.

    As for revo...... im new to VAG cars and just decided to stick with a brand thats already on the car..... haha!
    Stage 2..... or custom maps..... is pointless at the moment until i at least bin off the standard coolers which are no use to man nor beast :)
    Once i get the bolt on side of things squared away ill move onto the software side of things.

    And tbh, im after a good daily drive with decent 'blast about' ability. Im not overly fussed about figures as such. Just a good file to match what mods ill do

    ....... basic mods that is. Gonna steer clear of hybrids/big turbos etc. At least for a little while.
  10. mcpickering

    mcpickering Member

    that is a lovely S3 mate.

    if you ever want to sell the rotas, pleas let me know :p
  11. So nice!!! yeah the wheels are 9.5J!
    I bought 8.5J and now wish i had the 9.5s

    Your very lucky to have that car! looks very clean and smart! Are they different headlights to the standard facelift headlights?
  12. turnstyle

    turnstyle Member

    Alex sprayed them matte black inside - look smart imo

    Picked car up yest. appart from a hiccup with lloyds tsb deciding to not send the money it was all sorted.
    very happy with car but im gonna have to make a few minor changes to the rear - needs slightly raising as it barely gets on driveway.
    That and im going to have the windows tinted to midnight smoke on the back.

    Oh and im going to service the haldex. Just need to look around here for what oils are best etc.
    I have noticed the esp doesnt want to turn off so need to find someone with vagcom thats local who will check it out for me, but in all honesty im not overly fussed about that. Hopefully just a dodgy connection somewhere.
  13. vrbob

    vrbob Thats no Moon, Thats a space station!

    If your ok with using spanners etc you can get the bits to do the haldex service off ebay for not much money and its possible to o the service using a trolley jack and axle stands as thats how i did mine.

    If ESP wont turn off it could be a multitude of stuff so yeah defo get it scanned and clear any codes as it might just be an old fault that has not been cleared. A quick thing to check though is do your brake lights work cos if not its probably the brake pedal switch which is again cheap and easy to replce.

    Nice car BTW :)
  14. GhazS3

    GhazS3 New Member

    Thats Lovely looking! a little low for me, but Looks nice and clean, nice stance! What wheels are they?

    Congratz and enjoy :)
  15. turnstyle

    turnstyle Member

    Aye im handy with some spanners so ill do it myself this week.

    The alloys are rota drift ones.

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