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Bought 2006 Audi A3 Sportback and came with towbar,but has it actually been removed?!

plasma Jan 11, 2014

  1. plasma

    plasma Member

    Hey guys I recently bought a 2006 Audi A3 Sportback SE 2.0 tdi. It's the BKD engine, has full service history and 162k miles on the clock. When I bought the car from a local garage it came with a towbar. They said they will remove it for free, but I don't think they actually have. The tow 'ball' the thing sticking out from the rear has been removed but I'm not so sure whether they have removed the bits connecting to the chassis. I have attached a photo, so please tell me your thoughts.


    Also the timing belt/water pump was due. The garage (who seemed very dodgy) told me that if I buy the parts, they will fit that in free of charge. So I bought the cem belt kit and waterpump and thermostat for around £135 in total from eurocarparts and gave them the parts to fit. How can I ensure that they have actually done the work instead of just stealing my parts?
  2. hollow

    hollow Well-Known Member

    unclip top of timing belt cover and a visual inspection to see if the belt looks new ,it should be pretty obvious, also ask for the old parts they should have them there for proof they have been swapped .

    as for the towbar the bumper needs removing to get rid of the rest of the towbar .
  3. plasma

    plasma Member

    do you think this is a factory fitted tow bar? is it connected to the rear bumper beam? so if that's the case it isn't really worth me taking it out is it?
  4. Av4nt

    Av4nt Well-Known Member Team V10 Team Sprint Audi S6 quattro s tronic saloon

    I had one of these on my old A4 TDI Avant... I asked audi could they just take it off for me... cos its a part of the rear assembly new parts have to be ordered. they quoted me nearly £500 all in to take it off........ I left it... lol
  5. mjr901

    mjr901 Guest

    I'd have left it on, stuck a tennis ball on it.

    They're quite useful in parking manoeuvres when your not concentrating.
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  6. pablo

    pablo Active Member

    you need a new rear bumper bar as the towbar replaces it.

    that doesnt look factory, the bumper looks cut.
  7. c_w

    c_w Well-Known Member

    Remember also you're carry a substantial amount of unneccessary weight back there, a tow bar beam is usuallt very heavy bolted to the back of the car.
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  8. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    You'd need to as said, remove bumper, remove the towbar main unit that also acts as your rear bump bar, then fit a bump bar, refit bumper with possibly replacing the valance or plastic weld/paint the gap.

    The part thats sticking down is probably bolted onto the main unit, you can always unbolt this part only & leave rest on, have a look & decide best option for you.
  9. plasma

    plasma Member

    thanks for all the input guys. I have managed to find a rear bumper reinforcer for my car at a scrap yard for £25. I am assuming this is the same thing as a rear bumper bar/beam or whatever it's called?
    What sort of weight saving can I expect?

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