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Bose Speaker Upgrade

imported_S3_gm Jul 20, 2004

  1. imported_S3_gm

    imported_S3_gm Guest

    Hello everyone,

    I've had my A3 1.8T since November, and have just picked up an S3. The A3 has the BOSE speaker upgrade + a Vibe CBR10 Active, the S3 does not.

    What I want to know (and I think the answer is 'no') is if I can take the speakers out of the A3 and whack them in the S3 (doubt it's that simple). Reason is simple - the sound in the S3 is trully awful, yet sounds very good in the A3 (IMHO!). As I am now skint, i'm looking for a cheap (i.e. Free) way to sort it out as once it is, my S3 will be perfect.........well, for the moment anyway!

    Obviously I'll be moving the Vibe over too.....

    And finally, on the S3, when is the cambelt change due and does anyone have an idea of how much it costs ?

    Thanks again /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
  2. dunk

    dunk Member

    no you cant.

    if you want to keep your audi head, there are 2 upgrade options:

    1) anymac sub upgrade
    2) replace the factory front and rear speakers with something decent

    or alternatively go for a full audio replacement

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