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Bose questions...

Matt T Jul 26, 2008

  1. Matt T

    Matt T Bumble Bee

    Got the Bose and Symphony setup, and got a few questions about the spec...

    Are the front and rear speakers externally amplified? If so what are the specs of the amp? Is it possible to upgrade the amplifier without rewiring or does that require new power/earth/speaker wiring? If i did change to an aftermarket setup how hard would it be to return to standard if i decide to sell?

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Yes the Bose system in the A3/S3 8L is fully amped. There is a puny 4 x 25w amp in the righthand cubbyhole in the boot which powers the cabin speakers and a 1 x 100w amp (the size of a fag packet) inside the tupperware sub powering the sub. All the speakers are 2 ohm impedance and sound pretty awful if used with an aftermarket amp as the Bose amp has it's own EQ tuned to the wierdness of the Bose speakers. All the Bose speakers are 4" units and the tweeters in the front are just the standard Nokia/Isophon **** you get in the non Bose setup.
    Really depends what you want by upgrading. The best single upgrade is to upgrade the sub and leave everything else, otherwise you're looking at replacing the amp and all the speakers and you'll still be left with the rumbling woolliness of the Bose sub. If you add a proper sub (or one of my stealth subs) then you can take down the bass on the HU and release the cabin speakers from trying to handle any significant bass which is a big improvement in itself. If you get the chance take off a rear speaker panel and have a look at the shyte they've got the nerve to call a rear speaker, it looks like something out of a pre-war valve radio.

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