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Bose question

martyj200 Jun 17, 2013

  1. martyj200

    martyj200 Member

    Hi everyone
    im new to the site and have been finding lots of usefull information here and getting advice from members on the retro fit of Bose sound system
    i bought all parts needed and just had it all installed a week ago
    there are a few niggles though!
    when the engine is on there is static through the speakers and it gets worse when the headlights are on and gets slightly better when I break. The engineer who fitted it is looking at fitting a ground loop isolator to cure this. I am wondering if this should be needed or is there possibly a wiring fault along the way?
    also the sub works but there is music coming from it like a speaker and the bass doesn't seem as low down as I remember it in my last Bose system it almost sounds like the sub can't handle what's being sent to it.
    any help would be amazing, I am going mad over this!!
    thanks in advance everyone
  2. Mike.M

    Mike.M Well-Known Member

    Did you plug the car into VCDS to enable the BOSE tuning/settings.
  3. martyj200

    martyj200 Member

    Hi mate. Yes I have grounded the Bose pin and the stereo was coded through vcds and displays Bose on start up now
  4. dualmono21

    dualmono21 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    if your not happy why not take it back to whomever installed it ?
  5. martyj200

    martyj200 Member

    Hi mate, yeh the company was back out today to have a look at it.
    all the speakers were working great.
    but the sub sounded like it was being fed too much and wasn't handeling the bass like it should .
    and then there was the static interference when the engine is on and/or headlights.
    they installed a ground loop isolator at the amp side into the RCA that run from the front that are believed to be causing the problem.
    well all the static is completely gone but the front speakers are less than half as loud as the rear speakers now, and the sub still doesn't sound right

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