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Bose Premium Spund system question

imported_Wicked666 Mar 9, 2005

  1. I;m considering getting an S3 and my immediate plans was to install my own ICE into it. It seems a waste to rip out all the Bose stuff though so my question is...

    Is it possible for me to install my own headunit but still keep the bose speakers?

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    In theory yes, but the results will be awful. The Bose system in the A3/S3 is pretty dire (as many on here will agree, see ICE forum), and the main problem is upgrading it really means stripping everything out, speakers, amps, sub & HU. It's ot all bad as you can sell the individual components on ebay probably for £300+ if you sell them seperately, as there is a growing market for spares as speakers & subs tend to blow quite easily and the HU has inherent problems of it's own.
    It's actually easier to upgrade the non-Bose system as the speakers are standard 4 ohm (Bose are 2ohm, 4" units). The Bose system uses the same tweeters in the front doors as the non Bose.
    Install new HU, get some nice 5.25" components up front and put in a decent sub and you're away.
  3. Thanks for that. Will start changing whether or not it will come with bose system. Need to install 6.5's up front and have already contacted a company to make some pukka kick pods - ought to buy the car first!


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