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Bose Pre-Outs to Amp - split to a sub??

hooley Mar 1, 2007

  1. hooley

    hooley Member

    Yes I did a search, and didn't find the answer to this question....

    Got an A3 8L with bose, and following andymacs comments about the sub being the worst bit and the speakers not too bad as long as you don't expect too much.....

    I have an Infinity Basslink lying around doing nothing (from the scooby) - also got component 16cm's and 2-way 16cm's infinity kappas, but they are not planning on being used, just the sub........

    I also have a powered crossover that can split a Pre-out signal and also boost level (if I need to).

    So here's my thinking:

    Can I tap into the inputs from either the existing sub, or into the bose amp to take the existing pre-out signal and split it, before sending it back into the amp and on to the sub??

    I will remove (not use but leave in place) the existing sub. Can I take the remote on and power from this?? if so where is it and is it capable of powering the basslink.

    Not looking for SPL here, just a better sound for the cost of the wiring - already got the rest of the kit.

    Calling Andymac......Calling Andymac.....???

    Also about to add a Phatnoise/Phatbox, so will probably be selling on the CD Changer.:icon_thumright:


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