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bose: fully amped or just rear speakers amped?

mel_man Aug 3, 2010

  1. mel_man

    mel_man New Member

    im about to try to fit a parrot kit to my S3, but a mate who works at halford says theres 3 types of connector to go from the usual 2 wiring blocks to the back of the headunit. i rang audi and a very unconvincing parts bloke assured me that all bose systems are fully amplified...
    somebodys just guessing and iv got a hunch it was the audi parts bloke lol
    any ideas how i can find out which cable i need to buy or has anyone fitted a parrot kit to theres before (its a PARROT CK3100LCD if it makes a difference)

    cheers in advance people
  2. DaveA3

    DaveA3 Audi A-Trizzle!

    andymac is ur guy is knows all about audio. However there are some other audio peeps in the audio section mate lol
  3. chronicavenger

    chronicavenger New Member

    I recently had the laser changed on my cd player and while i was there i asked the guy about the rear sounding speakers sounding louder than the front. He informed that it was because on these BOSE speaker systems, only the REAR speakers are amplified
  4. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Bose equipped cars are fully amplified mate. You have a Bose sub with built in amp on the passenger side and a 4 channel amp on the driverside which powers the 4 speaker. Non Bose cars have a rear sub as standard too which has a built in amp to power the sub and the rear speakers, the front are wired to the head unit.

    Hope that helps guys. :)
  5. mel_man

    mel_man New Member

    yea id noticed that the rears sound louder than the fronts, but i wondered whether that was just because the front are aiming at my ankles??
    i might just take the head unit out and compare the connection to the lead before i buy it.
    cheers for your help people!!
  6. DJ_Troopa

    DJ_Troopa K1 Driver

    Before i got my Parrot kit fitted alot of people were telling me my Bose system was only half amplified. Then my sound tech took the head unit out and showed me its fully amplified! Make sure you check this people before you go out buying leads which you don't need.
  7. jimmy77

    jimmy77 Member

    sorry to sound stupid but how do you know if you have the bose system? mine says audi sympony on the radio and has a sub in the boot!!
  8. Jimmy Parko

    Jimmy Parko Member

    The head unit display should say BOSE When you turn in on..
    and a Amp in the drivers side compartment in the Boot..
  9. Sl33p

    Sl33p New Member

    Mel, What year is the S3

    I have a 2009 A3 Black edition, and when I go to the parrot website, select handsfree kits then select CK3100.

    When I Fill out the info it gives me no other choice in the system dropdown box except Amplified Bose, for which it says I need a ISO cable, but they do not tell you what model number is needed because they do not stock the harness.
    If i select 2008 A3 it gives me a choice of concert, bose full ampliifed, or bose none amplified. so looks like all 2009 2010 A3/S3, according to Parrot at least, all come with full bose amplified systems.


    I am having a mare trying to get the proper cable, every one I looked at says it compatible with the A3, but only models up to 2008. I intent to fit this myself and not give some wee scallywag the pleasure of taking 80 quid of me, selling me a 20 quid cable that I do not need.

    I am awaiting 2 removal Keys as I only had two and the Concert requires 4, when I get the radio out I will post some pics of it so that it might help others in the quest to fit Parrot ck3100 in the newer A3/S3
  10. mel_man

    mel_man New Member

    My cars late 2002, the parrot website says the same thing about my car too. Iv just emailed sextons to see if they have any knowledge to share but i'm not exactly hopeful!!
    Thankfully i wont be paying to have mine fitted either, thanks to a halfords audio fitter friend of mine being rather in my debt haha.
    His advice was to remove the head-unit and take a photo of the harness block thats in there at the moment and try and match it to one of the choice of 3 leads halfords sell... which brings me neatly onto my next question... anyone know how i take the head-unit out??
  11. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Or you could listen to JoJo, who just told you all Bose systems are fully amped!
    Which they are. No question. You have a 4ch Bose amp in the drivers side boot cubbyhole which drives all 4 cabin speakers and a Bose sub on the other side with 2 x 4" drivers and Bose emblazoned down the front, which has it's own amp just for the 2 sub drivers. There is no confusion here, the year of your car is irrelevant, all 8L A3/S3's with Bose are the same. The only confusion is on the 8P model when they switched from ISO wiring to Quadlock in 2005/6.
    To remove the HU you need the removal keys. Insert them in the slots on the front with the angled sides facing inwards (towards each other). Once engaged do not pull on the keys to get the HU out. Remove the glovebox and push it from behind otherwise you can easily get the thing jammed in there.

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