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Bosal invisiable Tow bars - any pics fitted?

M7R Sep 19, 2008

  1. M7R

    M7R Type Approval Engineer,

    does anyone have any pics of one of these fitted? or have one them selfs? as im after one in the next few weeks, but am un-sure how invisiable it is.

    this is the one im looking at. it says invisiable, but then it says the bumper cut can be seen :think:, where as the whitter one thats detachable, but not invisiable says that the bumper cut can not be seen.
    http://stores.channeladvisor.com/to...le=Bosal tow bar Detach towbar Audi A4 01TO08


  2. andyccr

    andyccr 2003 1.8T Sport Ebony Black A4 Cabriolet

    Noboby will be able to take a picture of an invisible one !!!! ;)

    A lot of the modern ones have a large swing arm on them that can be removed. But I think it means that the actual ball can be removed if you don't need it on there, but it looks like it will be visible.

    It also might depend on the bumber, I'm not sure if there is height differences between S lines and Se models for example

    Best bet might be to go to the local audi dealer and see if any are fitted on them.
  3. SteveTDCi

    SteveTDCi Active Member

    theres a guy on here that fits them and offers good advice, look in the A3 forum for a towbar topic started by me.
  4. mykaloon

    mykaloon Member

    I've recently fitted the Wesfalia detachable swan neck towbar to my 2.0 tdi Avant S Line. From memory the model no is 305302. It is invisible when detached in that you cannot see any bumper cut/bracket. The electrics are also hinged to fold up out of sight when not in use.

    It needed a minor bumper cut to the underside but the only way you can see this is by lying down on your back on the ground - which I don't make a habit of!

  5. M7R

    M7R Type Approval Engineer,


    cool, cheers for the info, im off to see witter for my job on friday so I plan to have a word with them but failing that it will be a wesfalia one I get,

    nice to know it wont ruin the look of the car,

    can I ask how hard the electrics were?

  6. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    I know its for the B7 but they are all based on same system tbh after some investigating,

    I have been doing mine on the 8P A3, I got an audi oem one which are made by westfalia anyway, nice & neat, the main ball literally clicks out with a key turn & knob twist, electrics also fold up so you cant see anything when not used, very nice to be honest, all I have to do is wire in my towbar control module & vagcom, voila.

    8P actually required a new lower valance which has a detachable cover where towbar clicks in place, when cover in place you wouldnt know was there underneath.
  7. M7R

    M7R Type Approval Engineer,

    sadly they dont do the new valance for the B7 :( so I cant go that route.

    on the wriring im going for a by-pass relay as ive looked into the offical wiring route and for the A4 its a ball ache! 1/2 the car needs to be stripped! so sod that!

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