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Borla Cat back exhaust with downpipe.

imported_WatchMeFlyBy Oct 9, 2004

  1. Alright just wanted to say that i just installed a Borla complete cat back exhaust with their downpipe and i love it. I completey recommend it over custom piping. Installation was so easy, i put the thing on myself in about 35 min. It is all of four peices that come together under the car perfectly for a flawless fit.
    When i first started the car i was a little unimpressed by the growl because it was real quiet but it's been breaking in for the past week and everyday sounders louder and nicer.
    If ur looking into doing exhaust definately look into borla.
    thanks for reading =D /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif
  2. imported_kraller

    imported_kraller Guest

    where did you get the exhaust?
    what was the price?
  3. you can get it from awe-tuning.com. i looked around and found a wholesaler just one city north of me and since my dad has a shop i got it for around 500$
  4. Markey

    Markey Active Member

    Sounds really good you got any pics?
  5. not yet i dont, but i will try and get them on here for you. In the mean time you can check out awe-tuning.com, they have a few pics and at the bottom they actually have two video clips you can download and it will give you an idea of what it will sound like.
  6. sport99quattro

    sport99quattro New Member

    I am thinking about purchasing this exhaust in the near future... one thing though... I'm not a fan of the new "rolled edge" style tip, and it seems like alot of companies are switching to this. The older style Milltek was just straight out, sharp edge, and I like that alot. Now Milltek and Borla both switched to the rolled edge tip.

    Oh well... its not going to deter me from buying the Borla.

    Just my 2 cents.


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