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Boot lock not working but.....

alibob Mar 15, 2013

  1. alibob

    alibob Liskeard Classic Cars

    Gerty is back from the paint-shop! (coz her reg is A6 GTY) and looks fantastic - Thanks to PAINTWORX near Liskeard!!
    Only problem is that the boot lock doesn't work from the remote. I stripped everything off inside and found that the strange looking solenoid thingy with the odd clip (the white solenoid on the lock plate not the actuator one) has siezed solid so I have had to take the connector clip off to be able to operate from the key (It won't lock otherwise).

    What is wierd is that I have lost all but 0.9v to the main solenoid which is probably why it won't actuate _ works fine off the car direct to a battery. I am fine with classic cars but poor at electrics and even though I have had Gerty for 8 years now I still have trouble with her wiring bits.

    The boot light stopped working yonks ago and I am wondering if the problems are connected?

    Is there a common break/fault in the wiring. I know Ken the sprayer (Paintworx) took the light clusters off but I can't see any breaks anywhere.

    The chap I take my own car to (Chris at Masons Garage, Rilla Mill) has a full Audi diagnostic thing but will it show up lock faults?
    Anyway....good to catch up with what is going on here and look forward to lots of sensible replies.
    alibob - Liskeard Classic Cars.
  2. TwistedMind

    TwistedMind Long Live The A6

    Broken cable coming from the car to the boot. Loom cables snap over time.

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