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Boost Valve controller

DAMO1.9TDI Nov 11, 2006

  1. DAMO1.9TDI

    DAMO1.9TDI 130BHP+,A4+ K & N Filter, Tuning Box.

  2. loftgroover

    loftgroover Member

    hi again,

    i would urge you not to connect this to the car. It basically stops teh ECU having control over the speed of the turbocharger. If you do fit it will cause the turbocharger to overspeed and in some cases explode. The tubo fitted to your car is a varaible geometry unit and is very sesitive to overspeed problems. If it does fail it will require a new turbo and fitting, which needless to say is very expensive.

    Prob the best otption is to have the ecu remapped, at tleast this way the ECU still has control of teh turbocharger.

    Im sure some people on here can advise you who does good diesel re-maps.

  3. DAMO1.9TDI

    DAMO1.9TDI 130BHP+,A4+ K & N Filter, Tuning Box.

    What would you think about fitting a boost gauge to monitor the boost pressure and adjust the valve on the controller to a safe level, is it not true to say that this device would prolong the life of the turbo and intercooler because it relases the pressure that is created by the turbo it self. Below is a article from tdiclud.com, can you let me know what you think. It relates to boost controllers.It even recommends them under caution.

    This section discusses modifications intended to *prevent* turbo damage, so NOT doing anything about it may actually be the more dangerous scenario. Nevertheless, we can take no responsibility for what you do to your own car. Be aware that if you choose to do this, you are on your own. If you blow something up, you did it, not us. BE CAREFUL! It's very easy to blow something up by using too much boost pressure. Don't even think about messing with this unless you first install a boost gauge so you can watch what's happening.
    The purpose of these modifications is NOT to increase the steady-state boost pressure (which is already higher than the older vehicles use, and very close to the safe upper limit if the vehicle is "chipped") but rather to control the fluctuations of boost pressure characteristic of the stock boost control system, and to REDUCE the amount of boost pressure at low engine speeds in the interest of preserving the turbocharger by avoiding operation in the "surge" regime. This will actually *reduce* responsiveness at low engine speeds, but it is a necessary step to preserve the life of the turbo, if other modifications which increase fuel delivery at low engine speed have been done. These modifications are only useful if other modifications (e.g. injectors) have been made that result in either unacceptable exhaust smoke or power fluctuation due to fluctuations in boost pressure that the stock boost pressure control system cannot control, or unacceptably high boost pressure at engine speed below 2000 rpm. The VNT turbo must not reach full boost pressure until above 2000 engine rpm, and should preferably produce no more than about 6 psi boost pressure at 1500 rpm, to avoid operating the compressor in the highly damaging "surge" regime. Turbo manufacturers recommend staying at least 10% clear of operation in the surge regime.

    Since the A4 cars do not have any small-diameter hoses which carry boost pressure, it will be necessary to install a suitable fitting to access boost pressure. This fitting should preferably be located as close as possible to the turbo compressor outlet, such as on the lower intercooler pipe ... remove the pipe from the vehicle to install the fitting there. In order to facilitate future removal of this pipe for timing belt changes, use some sort of quick-connect detachable fitting to your new boost signal hose
  4. A4Andy

    A4Andy Quattro-tastic. Not half.

    I would reckon that when you're driving "energetically" that keeping an eye on an extra dial and trying to manipulate an additional controller aren't wise. Clever as the human brain is the ECU knows better and can move a lot faster than we can.

    This isn't a dig, but it amazes me that people buy Audis and expect to get decent gains from cheap eBay mods. :no:

    Steer clear. :icon_thumright:
  5. smogthemog

    smogthemog Member

    Damo - Get it professionally re-mapped and don't bother with all the Ebay stuff you keep looking at matey.

    It's perhaps a bit more expensive but at least you are guaranteed results :)
  6. golisago

    golisago Member

    Damo1...........you forgot to put QUOTE before the passage that you quoted from the tdiclub.com FAQ......and if i'm not mistaken does the boost controller pictured above have a bleed hole in it because it does waste-gate actuator which bleeds air away from a waste-gated turbo setup in order to raise the boost pressure.

    And if its doesn't have the said bleed hole in place on the boost controller above then it is the correct controller for the vnt setup (but) as also reported by Damo1 above fitting said device in the right location will not give you any more boost pressure (it can only limit the amounts of spiking you will get if you have used larger nozzle,tuning box,or chip) .

    Where it has said A4 in Damo1's quote of the tdiclub's Faq ........actually means Mk4 golf and not Audi A4.
  7. foolish3uk

    foolish3uk Member

    hey guys let him fit it after all some one has got to do somthing wrong for us all to know not to do it!

    damo, most people on this site are enthusiasts and know what they are talking about, i have worked on audis for the last ten years at a main dealer so please trust me when i tell you what will happen to your car if you use this!

    if you increase the boost too much the ecu will put the car into limp mode untill you switch off the ignition and turn it back on, then it will happen again!

    if you decrease the boost the ecu will put the car into limp mode or it might run ok but at the end of the day your not getting what you wanted!

    you can access the boost pressure via the fuel pressure regulator pipe which is a small diameter pipe,

    there is only one way to get more performance out of audi's and that is REMAP the ecu holds every decission about what your car is going to do the only way to change it is by brainwashing it into thinking that it needs to go faster.

    instead of wasting £50 try investing £300 and getting it done properly, alternatively you can get performance boxes for the 1.9tdi engine which goes onto the injectors, if you search pumpe duse tuning box you may find the cheapest way to improve your car. thats if your car is a PD
  8. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    the "bleed valve" method of wastegate control is pants and falls under the "badly designed system" title.

    you don't want something as basic as a leak in your system to control the thing that stops your turbo from melting, your engine from grenading and your pipes from popping.

    What you need is something that stops "wastegate creep" and allows you to use the boost you have for as long as possible.
    see below


    on the whole eBay shops don't do a great line in serious tuning parts
  9. S3quatt

    S3quatt Flat Oot like a ducks Foot VCDS Map User

    I know someone who fitted one of those to his WRX & it went like a rocket....

    For a while then his engine detonated due to running too lean...

    Bad idea i think...

  10. inigoj

    inigoj Member

    If your MAP is located at the ECU, you could try replacing the line from the top boost pipe to the ECU with this device.

    The pressure sensor bleed mod already exists, and an adjustable valve to atmosphere should be better than the standard mod.

    Giving a false signal to the Manifold Pressure sensor to raise boost pressure over long periods will not be healthy for your turbo/engine.
  11. waveform2

    waveform2 * J e d i *

    I agree altho no expert EVERYONE wants cheap power but unfortunatley it cant be had, you get what you pay for and a remap is the way forward, listen to the guys in the know, but at the end of the day its ur car and do what you feel is right, just expect "i told you so's" when it all goes to rat $h1t. Just my 2p worth, i too wish there was a cheap solution, but as said before you get what you pay for...

    Best of luck



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