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Boost pressure regulation!

s_line_junkie May 26, 2009

  1. s_line_junkie

    s_line_junkie New Member


    I'm new to the world of audi-sport! Not to the world of Audi though! Previously had a 98 A3 1.8T (fantasticly amazing car) for 3 years but upgraded recently to an 04 A4 1.8T and i've had more than my share of problems! Including a recon gearbox and new clutch!

    However, I now have a new problem and was wondering if I can get some help!

    The emissions control light came on again as it keeps doing every month or so, this is normally a secondary air injection system glitch which i'm assured isn't a problem!

    However, it came on the other week for:

    16683 - Boost pressure regulation. Control range not reached
    P0299 - 002 - Lower limit exceeded

    So I cleared it to see if its just another glitch and it came on today so I was wondering if anyone has had this and what it means?


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