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Boost pressure control valve

imported_SYNAPS3 Sep 6, 2004

  1. imported_SYNAPS3

    imported_SYNAPS3 Guest

    After changing to a Forge diaphragm with a strong spring in my S3, I got the following DTC:

    17608 – Boost Pressure control valve (N249): Mechanical malfunction
    P1200 – 35 – 00 –

    Should I revert back to the stock DV or use a weaker spring. IS this fault and the new DV related.
    Where can i found the boost pressure control valve. If anyone has a pic, kindly post it please.
    Chipped S3's with Forge FMDVR/FMDVRA's, which spring works best?
  2. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    The N249 valve is the DV.

    You need a spring that holds just over the max boost pressure that your turbo is producing.

    If you have a too weak spring the valve will open before it should an d the car will surge under acceleration.

    Anyways, at a guess I would go for the yellow spring for your application.

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