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boost, lights and funny noises :D

sam80quattro Oct 29, 2008

  1. sam80quattro

    sam80quattro Member

    hi i recently bought a a6 1.8t 1998. its the AEB engine with cable throttle and its got its fare share of problems but it was relatively cheap so i dont mind to much. my main problem was when i bought it it had a siezed turbo but i managed to find a reconn'd 1 very cheap as a friend was upgrading, when i put it on as soon as the boost went over 4psi (put a gauge in to see what was happening) it cuts the engine and makes me look like a tw*t so i removed the n75 and replaced it with a mbc and left the n75 plugged in however its still the same so i just screwed the mbc to give 4psi, then all is fine, however this morning when it was 0.5*c the cold air must have caused it to boost harder as i was kangarooing again untill the car had been running for 20mins or so. so my question is.... what tells the ecu to cut the power when a certain pressure is reached? is the only way to make these engine's faster a remap?
    secondly the low/high level coolant warning light comes on everytime i start the car and stays on for about 3mins and i check it all the time and the level is spot on what it should be???????
    thirdly has any1 ever came across a weird noise when driving along normally with very light throttle sometimes with full throttle but it sounds like the fuel pump humming very loudly, if i press my foot down further it picks up nd then goes away or if i back off it goes away(sounds like a foghorn only not as loud) could it be to do with the carbon canister or whatever its called as i noticed that the small cylinderical shape (sorry dont know its name) that sits to the left hand side of the airbox lid with pipes attached to it and 1 of them goes off through the innerwing, it has a 2 wire connector on it.... take a breath.... anyway that thing was clicking like mad, is this normal?
    and just incase theres not enough questions has any1 remapped there own ecu using kwp2000 or similar? thanks
  2. Flying Spanner

    Flying Spanner Member

    Sounds like you have a boost OR vac system leak. The ecu is going into limp mode. Fit a Mityvac gauge to a vac pipe to see if its holding ok, could also be a dead divert valve, the diapragm could be split. Remove hose from valve and fit Mityvac to the valve. If you cant generate a vacuum, it is shot.
    Coolant light will be contaminated prongs in header tank (new tank req).
    The solenoide is for the tank venting system, it is duty cycled and will click quickly when its operating.

    Kim at QST does all my MTM maps. Playing with fire if you are new to the game. You could brick your ecu if a. battery charger not fitted during remap. b. Immobiliser my need reprog it you have poorly written code.
    C. If the remap stalls half way you are walking home etc etc.

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