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Boost Leaks - Solved !

sideways steve Feb 13, 2012

  1. sideways steve

    sideways steve Member

    After posting a log recently it was pointed out I must have had a slight boost leak so at the weekend I eventually managed to get round to having a good look over the car for the first time since actually buying it back in December !

    I fitted my forge 007p and whilst in that area had a good look at all the pipes and hoses. The only one that looked slightly iffy was the turbo outlet to crossover pipe so I removed it.

    Once it was off the cause of my leak was clear. The silicon was in a right state and as its made up in layers it looked like some layers had split and were causing a very uneven surface for the jubilee clip to tighten against.

    I cleaned up all the ragged bits and trimmed back the top layer of silicon using a sharp stanley knife to give my jubilee clamp something even to grip onto. I then refitted the pipe and it instantly looked like it was sitting much better once tightened.

    Out for a test drive and WOW, what a diffference ! it must have been leaking alot more than I had originally realised as now the car feels fantastic and far more like I would have expected from an S3.

    I will do some logging runs when I get a chance and compare them to the first runs I done. Hopefully now I should be seeing my 210bhp rather than the 189bhp I was seeing before !

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