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boost leak

maka11 Jun 26, 2011

  1. maka11

    maka11 Member

    i am pretty sure i have a boost leak so to begin with before i do any checks i just wanna know if there is a common area for the boost leak with the 2.0tfsi. and also what would be my engine code just so i can order some silicone hoses for when i find the problem.
  2. cwuk2001

    cwuk2001 Member

    biggest problem that i know of is normally intercooler pipes.... because there low down the more frequent to bumps and things hitting them... also depend on your mileage an things like that obs wear an tear... if its around that region nine times out of ten you will be able to here the sucking of air... my 2.0 tdi had around 5 trips to the dealer before they finally found out what it was....

    good luck
  3. gary3306

    gary3306 Active Member

    They also have seals where the different sections of ducting clip together. These seals can leak too.

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