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Booked in for the install with Audioscape....Bye bye money!!

imported_tobycruse Mar 15, 2005

  1. Hey everyone, I've just got off the phone with Audioscape and I'm now getting them to fit everything into my car. This is the gear:

    Alpine IVA-D300R Head Unit
    NVE-N099P Sat Nav
    Focal 165 KF Front Components
    Alpine MRV-F345 Amp
    MTX Thunder 9500 10" Sub
    Auto Aucostics Custom Enclosure
    Alpine MRD-M1001 Amp

    Let me know what you guys thing..... Pics will follow!!
  2. gizze

    gizze Member

    Sounds good, look forward to seeing the pics.

    I like to keep my car looking stock personally if the head unit is up to it acting as a pre amp, but would love to see the AA custom enclosure when done.

    Keep us posted!
  3. imported_S_Line

    imported_S_Line Guest

    Should sound pretty good /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

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