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Bonnet Re-spray, Expensive or not??

Ultra Violent Mar 12, 2013

  1. Ultra Violent

    Ultra Violent Sick & Wrong. Team Solar Audi S3

    Hi folks.

    Just thought I'd pop this thread up, for some advice or opinions.
    I'm thinking about getting my bonnet resprayed (hence the thread title) Lol.
    I went to visit one of the bodyshops in town that does a lot of work for the dealerships, their well spoken off and seem reliable.

    The estimator came out had a look round the car and said he would post me a quote,
    he did say that he would probably have to paint into the wings as well to make sure it blended properly, and it would take between 2/3 days, which isn't a problem.

    I should say that the bonnet isn't damaged at all, just a few to many stone chips for my liking, no real scratches or other marks,
    you can make out the chips if you look closely,(which I do) I thought getting it sprayed would finish the car off nicely.

    I recieved the quote today, and I was quite surprised how much they said it would be (see attached photo)
    So the reason for this thread is, is this a reasonable quote or should I continue my search elsewhere.
    just wondering if anybody else has had theirs done and what sort off price they paid.
    Thanks in advance for any replies and apologies for the slightly blurry photo.


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  2. big harty

    big harty Member

    I had front end painted on my s3 due to stone chips and cost me 350 quid and that was including front bumper
  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Considering they've quoted for a blend to wings/front, then that's about right.
  4. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    For what youve described, a decent place, with a good reputation. Thats about right yes.

    You could get your whole car sprayed for £200. Doesnt mean it will be any good.

    Depending on the chips, will be sanded down, possibly filled, then high build primer, re sanded and guide coated, then painted.
    Bonnets are one of the harder panels, being large and flat. If they are really pro, they will probably remove the bonnet to paint it upright, so less contaminants can settle on it. Even in a proper booth, you will get **** land in the lacquer.
  5. Ultra Violent

    Ultra Violent Sick & Wrong. Team Solar Audi S3

    Thanks a lot guys,
    just what I needed, some sound advice, I wasn't sure if it was too expensive having never done it before,
    but from what you guys have said, it doesn't seem to bad.
    Will have to continue saving my pennies and get it done, wait until its a bit warmer, me thinks

    Cheers for that, when I get it done I'll post some pics. :yes:
  6. TimG

    TimG Active Member

    Pics of bonnet? Just wondering how badly chipped it is to justify that money that could be spent elsewhere perhaps?
  7. Ultra Violent

    Ultra Violent Sick & Wrong. Team Solar Audi S3

    As said earlier in the post, its not REALLY bad but, I notice it when cleaning, polishing etc...
    There probably is other things I could spend it on, but the bonnet is certainly on the To Do list, more for peace of mind than anything else
    But if I do decide to get it done, I just want to make sure its done properly for a fair price.
  8. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    Sounds on the money. I had a quote from chips away last year for £320. I chose to just get a chipex repair kit and my own sanding tools, filler etc. out to repair the chips myself. It still looks good. The only way I would consider going ahead would be if it was really bad like road rash. A few years ago with another Audi I made the mistake of overtaking a gritting truck. Never again!
  9. jimojameso

    jimojameso Active Member Team Nardo Section Mod Audi RS3 TTRS

    Sounds right to me.
  10. nick9one1

    nick9one1 Member

    I just had mine done as I had a fair bit of lacquer peel.

    the guy I took it to checked it with his paint depth reader and said it had been done before. Probably with cheap paint and not prepared properly as it clearly hadn't lasted and started to peel.

    He took the bonnet down to bare metal as he had experienced his paint reacting with cheaper paint jobs.

    Charged me £140!
    it looks fantastic, I cant even tell its not factory.
  11. Ultra Violent

    Ultra Violent Sick & Wrong. Team Solar Audi S3

    Thats well cheap. Good job!!
  12. Brodster

    Brodster Well-Known Member Team Ibis Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Try the Audi bodyshop in Glasgow as my last S3 was in there when some industrial machinery fell on the bonnet. Even though it was an insurance job through the offending companies insurance they did a cracking job. The whole front end was resprayed and a new grill fitted. I think the total price was £1500. The S3 I have at the minute is going into the same bodyshop for warranty work on the front/rear bumpers and tailgate. All getting done due to some paint imperfections and lack of paint adhesion on the bumpers.
  13. Ultra Violent

    Ultra Violent Sick & Wrong. Team Solar Audi S3

    Cheers Mark.
    Thanks for the advice, might be worth a call, although I'd probably like to try and do it local
    if I'm going to be without the car for a few days, I'll cadge a lift off my Mrs, save me having to drive to the 'Gow to pick it up.

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