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Bodywork is so expensive. Any tips on getting it done cheaper.

paul_r Apr 22, 2010

  1. paul_r

    paul_r Member


    As we all know,getting any bodywork done can cost a fortune. I have two cars, an A3 and a BMW 316. Recently i had a slight knock in my 316 meaning i needed part of the bonnet and front wing repainting. I had a quote of £750 from the local dealer. My newly acquired black A3 could really do with the bonnet and front bumper repainting due to stone chips. £550 from the local Audi dealer. As i'm always looking for the cheaper option what about these.

    1. Get a quote from a non main dealer. Obvious really, but its finding a good bodyshop. Secondly can they match the paint to the standard of the main dealer.

    2. Repalcement panels from ebay. Takes time and its a bit hit and miss. I did get a perfect wing for my 316, exact colour match for £29. But it took a while to find.

    3. Get some replacement panels, then get the repainted as a single item. Would this work out cheaper though. Secondly do bodywork shops blend repainted panels into adjoining panels.

    Any more thoughts.
  2. V6Pete

    V6Pete Now running on Bentley's y'all

    Go with Option 1. A good independent is usually far better than a main dealer. An independent will usually do a better job as they rely on reputation rather than a main dealer sign to get their work.

    The paint match will be every bit as good as from an independent.
  3. Dec

    Dec Active Member

    On my old golf I had a new bumper custom done (had a texture top with a line between the colour coded bottom and the top) so had the top colour coded and the line smoothed then the whole thing colour matched (without the car even being at the garage and the guy only having seen it once when it was dirty) and he managed to get an exactly perfect match and did it perfectly.

    That only cost me £100 which I was well happy with!
  4. clem2192

    clem2192 Member

    From my experience I would always go with option 1, I find that independant garages always seem to take more care / pride in the work they do (have found this with my local anyway), with Audi and other main dealers its more of a quick turnaround to get the next job in.

    My two pennies worth anyway!
  5. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    I agree, car cosmetics who manc audi used are poor from what i've heard.
  6. paul_r

    paul_r Member

    What sort of price would yoube looking at for a front bumper and bonnet respray.
  7. b19ctr

    b19ctr The King of Cannock

    Were are you based? my local body shop are very reasonable £100 for prep and respray of a front bumper. They have done a lot of work on my mates Passat and there finish is top notch.
  8. paul_r

    paul_r Member


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