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Body work & respray

ridgy666 Jun 12, 2009

  1. ridgy666

    ridgy666 New Member

    Evening all,

    Had the delight of someone driving head on into me today. Left with minor damage and a nice scratched bumper. Anyways they've admitted responsibility and I'm wondering if anyone can reccomend a good body/spray shop in the teeside area, if poss Hartlepool. I've been told of the insurance co that I can't take it to audi which is a bummer. I've got a rather sad looking silver a4 cab on a 03.

  2. bluenose7467

    bluenose7467 New Member

    surely if its the other persons fault then your insurance company will be claiming off the responsible parties'...where is the problem....you could try insisting it gets done at Audi because of resale vaules and paint code mismatches etc...??
  3. Xmay4444

    Xmay4444 On Point!!

    Don't let any Insurance company bully you into taking your car to their workshop.
    It is your car, you can take it where you like. If you insist on Audi, then Audi it is. As far as I'm aware, it is within your rights to have it repaired at any workshop of your choice, the other person should not have hit you.

    I had two prangs and a final accident with an artic with my old 2001 A4 and everytime I went to Audi, (even though they have said their work is gauranteed for two years. Err, no thanks mate), and got put in a like for like car till mine was repaired. (I dont do corsa's and fiesta's I have a reputation to keep).
    My car was written off in the end because Audi said it would cost almost as much as the car was worth to repair, someone has bought it and put it back on the road, so it could have been repaired for less.

    Oh, and the cost of the courtesy car for two months; £8900 for a 2.0Tdi quattro S-Line.:wtf:

    Stick to your guns and dont take no sh*t.
  4. ridgy666

    ridgy666 New Member

    I got back onto them, apparently I do have a choice but I have to pay the excess until the insurance companies sort it out.....audi it is! Cheers lads
  5. tonyrampanttiger

    tonyrampanttiger Member


    yeah i can belive that, after my recent accident i had a merc clk280 and it was £348 per day to rent!

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