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Body work protection/Octane booster

FatLad Nov 25, 2003

  1. FatLad

    FatLad Member

    I know it seems like ages now since the AMD meet yet I'd still like to thank all those who made it a very good day, special thanks go out to those who organised it..Jo, John, Rich et al. Being a newbie to the group I was made to feel very welcome, got made a cup of coffee within minutes of arriving, shared some sausage rolls and some very interesting chat. Oh and the cars...what a fine bunch of motors you all have...S3MON MTM what a mint yellow S3, ever selling it then give me a call ! and Chelsea Mick you've too much money, having both an S3 AND a Focus RS ! Eventually all good things had to come to an end and shortly (100 metres or so !) after joining the M40 on my way back to the Midlands, I had slotted nicely into a 100mph cruise and began working out how I might finance a new RS6 ....aaah the pleasures of A3 ownership. Sunday stayed dry so I was able to pamper the motor back to her vibrant best and therefore did not have to take the obligatory sickie come Monday. Good job all round - cheers Guy's.

    Anyway back to the plot...spoke to S3MON MTM about protective covering to cars paint work - can you post the link to the company's site ?? And spoke to guy with red S3 about octane booster, can you tell me exactly what product you use since Millers have a few in their range ?? and where to get it from ??

  2. simonelman

    simonelman Member

    Hi FatLad
    I`m pleased you liked the car next time we meet I`ll take you for a spin.
    Also must thank every one from A-S.net and the boys from AmD making such a good day out.
    I was only making 160Bhp @ the wheels but its the torque that counts 324 lbs.
    The link you need Armourfend


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