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body aerodynamics for 200 series?

imported_circa1656 Aug 2, 2004

  1. i'm interested in adding a little zest to my 1990 - 200 turbo. but i'm having difficulty finding pretty much anything along the avenue of body aerodynamics - ie: kits, wings etc.

    if anyone knows of any possible body mods could they please give me a heads up?

    i understand that there is likely nothing made specifically for the 200 series models, but if a like owner may have done some custom fitting of parts intended for use on other cars and such please let me know... i know certain 100 series parts are almost completely interchangable witht he 200's... i'm willing to put a decent amount of labor into this project, weither it involves cutting to fit, bending, getting frustrated... all of the above, hah...

    i'm in the dark, so any direction at all would be very much appreciated.

    thanks in advance,

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