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BMW 335d's anyone owned 1

tom1987 Jan 7, 2014

  1. tom1987

    tom1987 Member

    mayeb thinking of getting 1 of these for my next car - love my s3 but its costing a bit in fuel for the mileage to work etc im doing - considerign 1 of these maybe later in the year although i might just get the s3 mapped.

    other benefits are they are quicker - cheaper to tax and cheap to run - i like the look of them aswell and they seem to be a good allround car for what i want

    anyone own 1 or owned or even better compared 1 to a s3 they have owned
    opinions good or bad welcome!!!
  2. ijgreer

    ijgreer Member

    Cracking car, quick and the mpg you will get isn't as good as a 320d or 330d. Quick performance and plenty of torque. A friend of mine bought one thinking it was economical, turns out it wasn't as good as he expected. Low to mid 30's compared to the 50 + mpg he got in his previous 320d
  3. Gazwould

    Gazwould Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, 1 day I will face the decision of either a E61 BMW 530d or 535d touring.

    Or a B8 Audi A4 3.0 tdi quattro Avant.
  4. SuPaReTrO

    SuPaReTrO New Member

    I've got a 535d ams. The twin turbo models feel nothing like a diesel motor at all,constant power..fuel economy is nothing like some will lead you to believe.these engines take 12miles to warm properly and only then do they start returning good mpg.
    Advise if you do go for one..Simon of Emaps will absolutely transform it with a remap.everyone at bmw forums use him

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