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Bluetooth Voice Control

Lion Man Jul 25, 2009

  1. Lion Man

    Lion Man New Member

    Audi currently offer two versions of Bluetooth: -

    Option 1

    Mobile telephone preparation – Bluetooth interface. Provides handsfree connection via
    Bluetooth using mobile phone aerial. Please contact your Audi Centre for phone compatibility
    Only in combination with Driver's Information System and multi-function steering wheel

    Option 2

    Mobile telephone preparation – low, located in front centre armrest. Connects to your A3
    using Bluetooth interface or cradle. Includes voice control for phone functions, external
    aerial for optimal reception and charging facility via cradle (required at extra cost – please
    contact your Audi Centre for details of phone compatibility). Only in combination with a
    multi-function steering wheel, front centre armrest and Driver's Information System

    Audi no longer provide cradles for any new phones, the only ones you can purchase are mainly obsolete therefore I opted for Option 1 without the cradle preparation in the armrest. Does voice control work with this option?

    Thanks in advance Lionman.
  2. Boydie

    Boydie S3 8V DSG VCDS Map User

    My phone just connects automatically to the unit and a cradle is not used as you cannot get one for my SE C905

    Voice control should still work but you would need the MFSW as well - I find it a novelty as its just as quick to use the unit, SW or the phone to dial numbers which are preset speed dial!

    Plus the N.Ireland accent is a bit thick haha you have to sound like a poofy english person sometimes :p
  3. ST09

    ST09 Member

    Lmao @ poofy english person !!

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