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Bluetooth Retrofit issues

novril Jan 25, 2014

  1. novril

    novril Member

    Hi Chaps,

    New here with an 06 2.0tfsi s-line SE avant. Lovely car so far, decided it needs a few extras.

    As its the mrs car I wanted bluetooth, so i bought a kit from ebay and have wired it in today. I only have the concert radio, so i used a few mini blade connectors to connect onto the Tel plug pins.

    I used the 12v and earth and k-line from the power plug to the radio (was permanent 12v a mistake?) which i tapped into with heatshrink terminals.

    Then with mini spade terminals joined the NF wires and phone mute onto the tel socket.

    With VCDS I changed coding in the radio, MFSW, instrument and Tel. I changed the tel to comms over k-line rather than CAN, i have left the CAN wires disconnected as I didnt think they were needed on my early A4?

    Now I have a few issues. The Tel module 77 wouldnt communicate on VCDS for ages, eventually it did when i added the CAN lines, as it was a used module i changed it to K and it seemed to work. I could connect my phone to it and it did work, but the MFSW mode button doesnt do anything, I cant answer calls on the wheel or look through contacts etc. In tel I have a DTC for no comms from SCCM, which I guess is the MFSW in VCDS?

    Anyway, coding seems to be correct, I changed some numbers to allow for phone and voice control in all units, but still no buttons working. Now I can't get my phone to connect to the bluetooth, just scans and nothing.

    Have I done something silly and missing the obvious? I'm a Merc commercial tech so fairly technically savvy just not too clued up on the VCDS systems.

    Any help massively appreciated!

    Cheers, Mark.
  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    what BT kit did you buy ?
  3. B5NUT

    B5NUT Well-Known Member VCDS Map User quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group S-line owners group s tronic

    Mostly likely the BT module was coded for an A3 so you would need the Can-bus wires so it could be coded via k-line. Also the BT module communicates on the infotainment can-bus so without the can-bus wires the BT module cannot communicate to the NAV, SCCM and the instrument cluster.

    What have you set the codding on the BT module to? it should be 0011722.

    The steering wheel should also be codded check out the ross-tech wiki Audi A4 (8E) Steering Wheel - Ross-Tech Wiki

    And you should also code the instrument cluster.
  4. novril

    novril Member

    Thanks for the help chaps,

    So you think it will need the CAN lines to comm with the wheel buttons? Makes sense now you say it. I thought as it was an older model it wouldn't need the CAN lines.

    Yes I have coded the INS, MFSW, Radio and Tel module according to the ross tech wiki page.

    Should it be ignition live or permanent to the Tel unit? It is a genuine audi unit, revision N or H I cant rememeber now, yes I changed it to K line comms in the coding, im sure i read it will only show up to pair in the first 30 secs or so, which indicates it would like an ignition live, wasn't sure how clever these were with wake up on CAN etc..

    Thanks for your input chaps, I really want to get this sorted!

    Cheers, Mark.

  5. novril

    novril Member

    Think i went for 0011622 as i have an early concert radio? Not a nav unit...
  6. novril

    novril Member

    Any info on permanent 12v or should it be ignition feed?

    Many thanks, Mark
  7. PetrolDave

    PetrolDave Well-Known Member

    It definitely needs the Infotainment CAN wires permanently connected to work.

    Permanent, from the same feed as the Radio.

    Also make sure you clear any fault codes, as some fault codes on the BT module are blocking - i.e. stop it working.
  8. novril

    novril Member

    Well thanks chaps,

    I fixed it today, connected the CAN wires and all working as it should. I read that the older ones used K line to communicate so assumed it wouldnt need CAN. The bluetooth is also wake up on CAN so wont need an ignition feed. Thanks for your help, hopefully anyone else in this situation will be able to read this.

    Thanks, Mark.
  9. ilknur07

    ilknur07 Member

    I have a problem with BT module communication.
    Recently I bought RNSE unit and BT (Harman) Bluetooth module and installed them to My seat exeo 2012 which is based on Audi a4/b7
    I changed adaptation channel 62 in the instrument cluster to 23. Now Bluetooth is working, sometimes signal broken. It disconnect and reconnect itself .

    It is impossible to go 77 Telephone module to do coding. VCDS cannot see Bluetooth. It says that :

    1. While doing auto scan

    Address 77 Telephone Labels:None
    VCID: 55AB9F8DBF1A771
    Note: Excessive Comm Errors

    2. When individual go to 77 Telephone
    It says: Too Many Comm Errors

    I read all your comments,it seems to me you can help me to solve the above problem
    Thanks many
    Any help would be appreciated.


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