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Bluetooth Pairing problem

JJ McJohnson Oct 31, 2011

  1. JJ McJohnson

    JJ McJohnson New Member

    Hi all....I am after some advice on the Audi 2.0 TDI S line 58 plate I bought a few days ago.
    The car was advertised as having Bluetooth, but I can't seem to pair my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) or my wife's phone (Blackberry Curve) to the BT in the car.
    When I press the TEL button on the Stereo - the message displays "Telephone Not Installed". Also, when I press the Phone Answer button on the Steering Wheel - the message on the dash says "Button not in Use"

    I know the Bluetooth works on the phones as they can see one another when searching for Bluetooth devices.
    I am aware that you have to try to pair the phone with the car's BT within 1 minute? of starting the engine - and this is how I've been testing is unsuccessfully so far (as I cannot see "Audi UVH" in the Bluetooth devices list).

    I am on the verge of concluding that the car was mis-sold to me and going back to the Trade Seller to ask for some money back on the price I apid, but as a last ditch effort I was hoping someone on this forum would be able to help me confirm if the car definitely doesn't have BT, or if I'm doing something wrong .


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