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Bluetooth module location its not under passenger seat

Lewbo Jan 24, 2013

  1. Lewbo

    Lewbo Well-Known Member

    My mate is trading his a3 next week and he said I can take out the Bluetooth module to fit in my own car which was nice of him, anyways I had read a while back that the module is under the passenger seat so had a look and it's not there, googled it to make sure I was right and people saying it should be there.

    so I thought maybe its been added extra by previous owner so rang audi to ask if it was fitted from new and they told me yes it has, it even has the shark fin but no rnse so thought yes has to be but why isn't it under the passenger seat, I have connected to it and proved it works so I know it's in the car somewhere but can't locate it is there anywhere else audi may have Installed it, the car is 2006 model and doesn't have any prep In the car like armrest or cradle if this helps also doesn't have multi-function either.

    i have plugged vag com in and it's coded in ect any help appreciated thanks
  2. MrLapou

    MrLapou Well-Known Member

    Try under dash in glove box area or opposite side beside fuse box, or in boot nearside wing.
  3. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    There should be a cover plate under the passenger seat and if you remove that there is a box under the floor which the bluetooth module should be in.

    You have to remove the seat to get to the cover plate and you can't see the module just by looking !

    If that helps a bit ??
  4. Lewbo

    Lewbo Well-Known Member

    Thanks for replies had the glovebox down and it's not there so has to be where you said mike, info on the Internet just says under the seat so I was just looking for it in a tray attached to the bottom of the seat, not actually having to remove the seat so I will take out the passenger seat today and have a better look that way thanks mike.
  5. Lewbo

    Lewbo Well-Known Member

    I can confirm the Bluetooth module was underneath the seat under the carpet, cannot be seen at all until you pull the carpet up from the footwell and then get your hands in there and unplug it, the door entry trims also have to be removed for the carpet to lift high enough.
    hope this helps others that may wanna install it here or want to locate it to clarify they intact have bluetooth if they can't pick it up if they have a shark fin even though the fins are also used for RNSE
  6. golfchick

    golfchick New Member

    handy to know as im thinking of installing it soon and the DIY says to put it under the steering wheel

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