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Bluetooth Handsfree Kit

jimmywar May 18, 2011

  1. jimmywar

    jimmywar New Member

    Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a handsfree kit for my S4. I bought the cradle for the factory fitted one but I find it totally pant! I want something neat, so not really wanting anything which involves fitting an additional screen like a Parrot.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Many thanks.
  2. C17LJR

    C17LJR Member VCDS Map User

    Have you got the RNS-E unit? If so get the OEM BT Bluetooth unit.
  3. jimmywar

    jimmywar New Member

    hi, I am not sure what the RNS-E unit is? LOL... i assume its a model of stereo, mines just has a cd player and multi changer in the glovebox if that helps at all.....
  4. ashatplay

    ashatplay Just Keep Swimming!

    Hi, I fitted the XCARLINK with my iPhone4, it cost £120 and works in line of the cd changer. I must admit it isn't the best as it tends to do what it wants every now and again and the sound quality t the other end of the call isn't too good I'm told. But for Bluetooth or cable playback it's great. Oh another niggle is that you get feedback through the speakers when the phone is using GSM.

    So cheap but with a few issues.

    An expensive option is a new head unit mde by Parrot, check out there website.

    Previous link here


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