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Bluetooth Failure: Repair, Or Get A New Stereo + Bluetooth System?

mcnach Aug 19, 2014

  1. mcnach

    mcnach New Member

    Hi everyone, first post here... after lurking for a few days reading a lot in the various subforums, I figured I might as well join... even if at the moment I can only ask. Hopefully one day I can answer too. (waves :))

    I have a 2008 A3 S-Line that came with the Concert stereo (Non-Bose speakers etc) and bluetooth car speach system with controls at the wheel.

    I was thinking about replacing the stereo as I miss the USB connection I had in my previous car stereo (a simple but lovely Pioneer system on a Mk4 Golf)... but I was dragging my feet as I am thoroughly confused about all the different bits and pieces. On my Golf it was simple, I bought the stereo I liked, I removed the old one, fitted the new one, all cables had the right sockets, away you go, a 10 minute job at the most.
    Now I have to figure out all the different connectors, and ensure it can take the controls from the wheel, and bluetooth etc... and I don't know where to start (cries inconsolably :lmfao:)

    To make things worse... I am no longer able to use the bluetooth for my phone. It was working fine until a few days ago, when pressing the "speak" key at the wheel or the "mode" key also stopped doing anything.

    So, I'm not sure whether to go to Audi and try to get the bluetooth thing repaired -probably not cheap!- and then look for a suitable stereo headunit... Or just forget about the built-in bluetooth entirely and get something entirely new... however I want to keep the functionality of the wheel controls, that's very very handy.

    I know a lot of things, but just not many things about car entertainment systems! I don't even know if the headunits that are advertised as "bluetooth! hands free phone etc work as a single one-does-all unit, or whether it merely communicates to a separate phone module the car must have...
    See why I'm confused? :)

    If any of you, good people, could help me figure out what my options are (especially if you have first hand experience of replacing such units, or suggestions about particular units) I'd be very grateful... I enjoy driving this car, but once I get the music and phone sorted it would be amazing :)


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