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  1. pedalpower7

    pedalpower7 Member

    Hi all,

    I have been reading with interest many posts about remaps, Revo etc, however not much mention of Bluefin ?, is there any reason for this ?, i have used SuperChips many times in the past and while they may not produce the most power there maps seem to be spot on, i covered over 35k in my last mapped car, no problems at all. Is bluefin not not flexible enough for other mods ?, only one map at a time ?, not great on Audi's ?.

  2. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    I looked long and hard at Bluefin mainly because of the Superchips pedigree and the apparent VFM Bluefin represented. Not forgetting the handset comes part of the already reasonable price.

    BUT, there were too many indifferent experiences/stories on here on how the S3 engine responded to the BF map so I decided to go back to REVO (albeit a bit pricey) because of previous good experienece, and now Im glad I did.

    It would appear the gains from BF for the S3 are at best `subtle` with the on-road difference between the BF map and stock not being particularly dramatic plus headline RR figures were also off the mark.
    This lead to some guys having to visit SC HQ to have some custom mapping done before they were happy. Defeating the object of having a tried and tested generic map IMO.

    A few threads on here as it has (and still)been hotly debated.

    Im guessing dervs and other VAG variants respond ok to Bluefin?

    Mate of mine has it on his X Type Jag (Ford derv engine) and speaks very highly of the product.

    Last edited: Jul 30, 2009
  3. pedalpower7

    pedalpower7 Member

    ok, thanks for the info.

    Certainly when i drove a 140TDI with bluefin it felt great, has anyone else tired bluefin on the new 170bhp TDI common rail engine ?
  4. redbutcher

    redbutcher Member

    As Paul said, probably more suited to the derv engine as it's not as popular for the S3.

    Although I've not got the 170 engine, I've certainly got no complaints on my 140 engine. Mine was done at 250 miles and I'm now sitting at 41k. Not had any troubles at all.

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