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Bluefin Map for 2011 S3's

benppl Nov 27, 2011

  1. benppl

    benppl Member

    I see demon tweaks are offering these out at £404 with £40 worth of vouchers (which can be used for the bluefin)

    After speaking to a few companies they seem to comment that the 2011 cars are different to map?

    Anyone have bluefin on a 2011 car?

    Did they resolve there map issues (poor performance?)
  2. Ben H

    Ben H On a journey...

    My experience of the Bluefin map is positive, although I don't have anything to compare it to. If you read around through the forum threads, you'll see that the Bluefin S3 map has been through several iterations - but the last major update appears to have been in 2008/9, after they has some feedback on the earlier maps (some people on here were involved).

    The main reason I went for Bluefin was that I had the Bluefin handset from my old 2.0T quattro, so it only cost me £167 to have it re-coded and the S3 map loaded up onto the handset by Superchips. That's about 60% cheaper than going for any other Revo / Shark map, so couldn't be ignored!
  3. benppl

    benppl Member

    Cheers Ben, I may do a RR to see the results!
  4. Sparky76

    Sparky76 New Member

    Bluefin are on offer when bought direct at the moment, 20% off which makes it £365...

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