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Bluefin - big "thank you" to forum members

STU_DSG Mar 3, 2008

  1. STU_DSG

    STU_DSG New Member

    Hi everybody,
    I am a very new member on here. Have been working in Düsseldorf for last four years and drive from/to UK every week. I had my "fun time" with a TT prior to reverting back to diesel with an A3 S-Line Sportback 140 DSG. Although the TT was good I have to say I really prefer diesels for the more "discreet" power and the A3 Sportback is excellent. I am a novice regarding tuning etc. and spent many hours reading the forum users comments and opinions on various re-maps etc. I talked with AMD but have to say I liked sound of the "do it yourself" option of Bluefin and finally went for it.

    I have to agree with other forum members that Superchips are SO helpful. I ordered on the Thursday and agreed a Saturday delivery for the hardware. No problem whatsoever downloading and sending my original map to Superchips, that is once I downloaded the latest software from the Superchips website (the CD supplied was out of date!!) but had minor problems with getting the new map i.e. I spent all the next weekend trying to access the Superchips website, but no joy, kept getting message "Please wait - connecting to Superchips Server" but nothing further - so frustrating!!! Gave up and on the Monday Superchips emailed me the new map which I copied to the handset and then uploaded to my car - no problem at all

    All I can say regarding Bluefin is "it does exactly what is says on the tin". Little change to low end performance, but quite dramatic increase to mid/top end performance. This is in line with Superchips performance curves and the main reason I went with Bluefin i.e. a gentle (relatively) low down performance and bigger increase in mid/high range, which suits my journeys to Germany and the way I drive generally. I'm not a boy racer at lights (unless severely provoked), I'll let them go and catch-em up later!! Fuel consumption on my first drive back to UK was a few mpg lower, but this was simply me trying it out with a lot of enthusiasm. My trip back to Düsseldorf yesterday showed the same consumption as before I loaded Bluefin i.e. 41 mpg (on DIS). I can/could achieve 45+ mpg with more gentle driving but at my normal cruising speeds of 85/90 mph for 350+ miles, low forties to me is v. good, especially with the lower diesel costs in Europe. Have yet to achieve 50mpg in general driving though, unlike some forum members seem to!!

    So thanks for all the published comments and opinions re Bluefin, they helped me enormously and I am really pleased with the results - and yes I got 10% of the purchase price by mentioning audi-sport, so another bonus (literally)

    I hope others comtemplating Bluefin (particularly for a DSG as there aren't that many threads on here re DSG's) will take my (initial) comments on board.

    Cheers guys - Stuart:)

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