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Blue Tooth S4 B6

getextra.co.uk Oct 2, 2010

  1. getextra.co.uk

    getextra.co.uk New Audi Owner

    I'm a new member for the forum and new Audi Driver

    I have just bought an Audi S4 (B6) I'm not a car person and this is my first Audi, the car has everything on there apart from bluetooth, I (well a friend) has taken my old Parott 9200 out of my old MGF (the car is too noisy to hear anything when you hit 40)

    I am looking to either fit this within the S4 or looking for any recommendations of alternative bluetooth kits that fit well within the car.

    Any advice would be very gratefully received

    Mods... I am going to repeat this post in the S4 section of the forum as i'm not sure where people will look or reply to this request. If you are unhappy with this please tell me and delete the repeated post.

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