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Blue smoke on start

silentwitness Nov 30, 2005

  1. silentwitness

    silentwitness New Member


    I've got a 98 1.9 TDI A6 Avant. I've noticed that when it's been left overnight, the following morning it will run quite rough and emit blue smoke for a couple of seconds. It's the only time it does it. It smokes a bit of black smoke under full acceleration, but I think that's normal?

    Any advice appreciated!!!

  2. moschino

    moschino Member

    As the mornings are quite cold, it could be your Glow Plugs. My 98 TDi does this, only for about a second until the 4 cylinders start to fire correctly. You could check the Glow Plugs by removing the +ve connector at the end of the Plug and connect an Ohm meter. Should read about 1 Ohm approx. If you have one that is much higher them replace it.
    As far as the Black Smoke under full acceleration, this is normal for a '98 Diesel. Check the other posts out, I believe people recommend cleaning the EGR pipes as they can get clogged.
    I f I am wrong, I'm sure someone will post the correct reasons.
  3. you always get black smoke on diesels

    as for the comment on glow plugs i agree.

    its probably only one of them.

    remove them one by one
    using 2 bits of wire, attach to the car battery, the end should glow red in about 2 seconds, if one takes longer or doesnt heat up then it needs changing.
    you would be supprised the difference it makes changing a malfunctioning glow plug.

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