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blue smoke on idle and short period after.

autofittingservices Oct 11, 2011

  1. autofittingservices

    autofittingservices New Member

    hi all i have 2007 170 bmn and i have had issues since i have bought the car, il keep it short at this point but i have had the dpf removed when i first got the car as it was broke and i think this issue has caused it.

    basiclly if i have the car ticking over it will start to blast blue smoke out the back if i then drive it will run a little bit poor and still smoke for about a mile then it will clear and will drive 100% until the next time it ticks over and the process starts again.

    i need to act quick as i think the issues is getting worse as it has just started turning over a few times before starting.

    i have changed loads on this car to try and cure this but up to now no joy.

    replaced genuine bosch air flow meter
    replaced 4 injectors and seals (injectors were used from 20k car but all suppose to be working and did come from good source who i know)

    replaced tandem pump and gasket (pump from ebay with supposibly 18k on but did look very new)

    now i know your going to say you should of replaced parts with new ones as i havent ruled anything out but its the £ i only bought the car in june and i aint had it working yet, its the most expensive car i have owned and up to now the most unreliable i know ive made the mestake of buying someone elses problem but can anybody please help me in to what to do next?

    ps i dont seem to have noticed loosing any engine oil so if i am its only a small amount and i have done 2 changes since owning the car, the car had 113k on when i bought it, it now has 118k

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