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Blue/grey smoke on hard acceleration - 1.6 53 plate

vwsunshine Jun 15, 2014

  1. vwsunshine

    vwsunshine New Member


    I have recently purchased a 53 plate a3 with the 1.6 bgu petrol engine that has a smoke issue along with oil sensor warning.

    At first start up it would misfire badly but once warm sorted itself out. Also noticed the temp guage would take a while to register and then it would only stay at 50. Changed the temp sensor and thermostat, seems to have sorted the initial misfire issue along with temp guage which now stays at 90 once warm.

    Diagnostic was showing misfires on two cylinders, changed the one spark plug, it was covered in oil and changing it cured the misfire on the cylinder.

    Now to the smoke, at start up there will a puff of grey/black smoke then nothing . At tick over there is no smoke, when reving the engine there is no smoke. It is only when you release the accelerator that there is a big plume of smoke. There is a oil on the ground from blowing out the exhaust.

    There is no loss of power I can tell. The previous owner changed the oil 800 miles ago and since then the problem has surfaced, he parked it up at a garage soon after not wishing to spend any more money. I purchased it from the garage.

    Any suggestions of possible causes?

    The oil sensor warning is on the dash in yellow, did the trick of disconnecting the battery and touching the terminals. This removes the light but will appear on next start up. Diag shows a short? Any problem areas?

    Last edited: Jun 15, 2014
  2. Graham89

    Graham89 Derv Perv

    Is it burning oil? Have you checked the new plugs to see if they're covered in oil too?
  3. vwsunshine

    vwsunshine New Member

    Burning some oil yes, I'll pull the plug again now and let you know.
  4. pluves1

    pluves1 Active Member

    I know this sounds really obvious but, have you checked the oil to see it hasn't been over filled? I'm not sure if incorrect oil would cause these issues?

    I'd be doing an oil service in any case just to be sure.
  5. vwsunshine

    vwsunshine New Member

    Was a thought of mine, if previous owner topped up too much believing the warning light was for low oil. Checked it though and the level seems correct.

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