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Blue Flame Exhaust

CMD Nov 30, 2009

  1. CMD

    CMD Pointing Forward's!!!!!!!!!

    I'm just jumping over from the A4 B6 section. Quick question to anyone who is or has used a company called Blue Flame. A3/S3 exhaust i have emailed and have spoken to them about there product, there exhaust's are much cheaper then a Milltek system but still use a high grade stainless steel. Any feedback would be very helpfull. Thanks
  2. bugwhizz

    bugwhizz Member

    I know Ian Birch Formerly the Dubsport owner went to work for them and things got a lot better, when he left they were producing a quality product.

    Ian now owns Pipewerx and does a system to suit the S3, he'll give you exactly what your after, both sound and performance .

    I'd give pipewerx a bell and see what they can do for you too,
  3. s3gav

    s3gav Member

    i fitted one to my s3 saturday was?nt happy to be honest, had to weld the connector they sent that connects old to new as they sent me the wrong size clamps,it only has one bracket on the backbox and one on the centre section seems ok when im not going anywhere but when driving it vibrates alot wish i bought the miltek but i wanted something different but on a good note sounds awesome :rockwoot:
  4. SixDegrees

    SixDegrees Member

    BlueFlame are famous in the bike world, plus they're OEM for the like of TVR, etc.

    I had one on my R32, excellent piece of kit but took a bit of twiddling to get the pipes positioned right. Overall excellent value for money but I'd say Miltek probably got better Quality Control going on.... fitted 3 BFs to R32s and all 3 weren't 100% perfect fit and needed very minor tweaks to brackets to get the pipes siiting right in the bumper cut-outs.

    That said, they're not Miltek (common IMO), sound better on the V6 and looked classier.


    Ok, so not an Audi but still nice car / pics - I miss the R32!

  5. s3gav

    s3gav Member

    very nice car indeed, i think it sounds better than the miltek but it depend what you like its quite loud but a real deep throaty sound. anyone buying blueflame don't expect a quick bolt on job lol
  6. stealth64

    stealth64 Member

    Blueflame are the market leaders in bike zorsts, cant speak for them in terms of cars though.

    From what i have read people have had same problems with the fitting and rattling with miltek zorsts also, which makes me think the audi setup is slightly awkward!?

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