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Blown pipe off EGR Valve? PICS

Boro&Beth May 13, 2013

  1. Boro&Beth

    Boro&Beth Member

    Hey guys, I was driving earlier and experienced a loud pop, like a pipe coming off. Followed by a serious lack of power and a noise I can only describe as loud, exhaust, sounded a bit like a V8 Cobra lol.

    Anyway, when I lifted the bonnet I noticed a metallic pipe had popped out of what I think is the EGR Valve?

    Pics below.

    Is this pipe meant to be securely attached or is it just a push in? It took a bit of effort to get it back into position but I'm not convinced it won't come out again!

    I've attached 3 pics. It's the copper looking pipework on the bottom left of the engine as you look at it.

    Any help appreciated.

    Attached Files:

  2. Boro&Beth

    Boro&Beth Member

  3. marky67

    marky67 Member

    Not an expert.... but pretty certain that pipe should be attached to the flange... ie welded.
    Hopefully that can be done, otherwise it looks like a replacement
  4. Mr-C

    Mr-C Active Member

    Happend to me a few years ago, it was taken off an welded for about £80 if I recall and lasted years after that.
  5. Darren198712

    Darren198712 Member

    This happened to mine whey I first brought it, the pipe cracked from the Manifold to the EGR cooler where the Zig Zag is. The pipe was part of the EGR cooler and was expensive so I ended up getting a EGR delete remap from Unicorn Dev. great service!

    after that I had to blank of a few pipes and do a bit of plumbing. I had to blank off the manifold pipe and blank out the EGR valve. I also removed the EGR cooler as once the egr has been removed the cooler does nothing.

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