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Bloody petrol prices

ImS3ola Apr 12, 2005

  1. IanL-S3

    IanL-S3 Member

    [ QUOTE ]
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    Sounds like Micheal Howard/JPO school of immigration - base it on religion or colour of skin. Remembering that Howard is only 3rd generation himself.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    True, but like him or loath him, he has probably paid more income tax and NI than anyone else on this forum, if an immigrant wants to come to the UK, adjust to OUR way of life and pay taxes then fair play to them, if they want to scrounge off the social which we have all paid into, bring the whole family over to letch off the NHS and generally contribute nothing, then Howard has a fair point...

    I wont be voting for anyone, live abroad so too much hassle...

    [/ QUOTE ]

    get somebody to proxy vote - pretty straight forward.

    as i stated before
    a) asylum seekers arent given visa/ni numbers so cant work. so they are forced to scrounge of system! stupid but thats the rules. my mates dad makes a fortue as a solicitor for them and reckons its a stupid system becuase many are skilled. again asylum seeker does not mean non skilled.
    b) over 90% of immigrants come to uk to work, majority from ireland, US, france, spain and india

    but from what you are saying as long as you contribute a lot in taxes you are welcome to UK. so how does this fit in a policy. Think of mohamed al fayed - how much in taxes has this guy paid? Or if you were a very wealthy asylum seeker. (just playing devils advocate)

    also recent news said that asylum seekers are terrorists i.e the ricin guy that killed that cop.
    a) why was the cop put in that position in the first place? because of complaceny - i read the quote that "irish terrorists wouldnt do such a thing"!!!
    b) should every irish person be thought to be a member of the IRA - i know that many londoners felt this for a while
    c) if you are a terrorist you arent going to turn up to be detained in a asylum centre - fekking stupid.

    terrorism is a seperate issue to immigration or at least it was when the IRA were bombing london is seperate to ID cards. (again how many terrorists are going to worry about not having an ID card!)

    i wish we would just get some positive honest campaigning instead of trying to play on peoples fears and prejudices.

    Again this is where the SNP are way ahead of the big 3. Scotland's population is dropping but more importantly (and i was one) the brain drain down south is crippling the country. so rather talk negatively, the talk is of managing emmigration and making it more attractive to stay.

    Taxes on fuel is controlled by westminster so we couldnt get a reduction in taxes for ourselves /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif but i think govt should reduce taxes to ease the burden of the oil prices. i hope this issue is put to the politicians at somepoint over the next 2 odd weeks.

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