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Bloody kids!

Nelson_R32 Apr 4, 2007

  1. Nelson_R32

    Nelson_R32 Member

    Well, had to happen didn't it? 35 days into owning my new car and its already damaged! My Brother was outside in the driveway about an hour ago when he heard an almighty bang and saw a stone bouncing off the bonnet off the A3, which lifted the paint and put a nice 10p dent in it. Some kids had been catapulting stones from behind our house and into our driveway.

    Now, me being me; I was about to climb over 3 Back Garden fences ready to confront the little ********. However the Dog Kennels in all 3 Gardens kind of put me off. So I decided toI drive around to their house ready to kick the living **** out of them. However they'd already retreated into there house and besides which, what the hell could I do anyway? They're just kids after all! (Damn my morals!).

    There Old Dear had already heard what had happened from there neighbours and luckily was full of apologies and has agreed to pay to repair it. But a £300 bill for her and a day of wasted holiday to get it repaired now! And why oh why did it have to be when I finally bought a RED car. Red is a pain in the **** to colour match!

    Not happy! Why do I never have any luck with cars! :-(
  2. newbiecrg

    newbiecrg windsurfer

    Can understand that mate... Bloody kids! Couldn't they play something else like Playstation or whatever...

    Good luck with the repair, hope everything will be OK in the end.

  3. cjp2k

    cjp2k Active Member Team Daytona Audi A4 saloon S-line owners group

    Little ba****** At least you can get it repaired, if you see him on the road... the pedal on the right should do just nicely :racer: hope you get it sorted fella,
  4. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    Little gits! At least the mother was willing to pay up though. Hope you get it sorted soon.
  5. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    i wouldn't say red is the worst colour to match - id say its the easiest - any non-metallic colour is easier to match than metalics
  6. DIABLO636

    DIABLO636 Member

    gutted for you mate --
    just think the mother is left with the bill....so.....the kids are probably stuck to the wall of the house with duct tape, the mother using the catapults to fire stones at them. Then she will sell the catapults to help pay towards repairs.....if she doesnt get enough money...she can sell one of the kids.....ha...justice will be served !
  7. Sinny71

    Sinny71 S55 LKS

    I know how you feel, some little sh**s threw a bootle off my rear quarter a few weeks back and made a right mess.

    After a few delays with insurance and the Audi approved body shop I finally got the work done ad the car back last week. Ben out to wash it today and I'm not a happy chap.

    All the area's they have painted seem to have fine scratches in places. To me it seems its been rubbed down then laquered. When I collected the car it was wet and the marks appeared to be polish that wasn't buffed off.

    On top of that te deepest, albeit small scratch had gone right through to the metal. And that is still visible after the work.

    Just to top it all off, on close inspection the pant appears to have an orange peel texture in places.

    Needless to say I am going back to the bodyshop tomorrow to see them. I insisted on an Audi approved repairer thinking I'd get a top notch job but seems a bit pointless really.
  8. Caesium

    Caesium My BM is fixed! VCDS Map User

    At least you know who did it, its worse when there is no culprit to be found.
  9. d3fy

    d3fy Active Member


    I know for paint work in Sheffield that the Audi dealer ship use a VW shop, but I would never use a 'Insurance Approved' shop as I have been stung by one in the past
  10. rich1068

    rich1068 Member


    And here's a story for you. My dad had a bump in his new X-Trail and got in touch with Direct Line. A new rear bumper was required ie ordered, painted, old one off, new one on. Direct Line said they'd got an approved repairer in Barnsley, 'No good' says my dad. 'OK we've got one in Wakefield.' 'Even worse' says he. 'How about Sheffield?' 'Well that's where I live so that would be perfect' says my dad. So he rang the approved repairer in Sheffield but they said they were completely booked for weeks but it wasn't a problem because they had a branch in Grimsby. My dad is absolutely incredulous at this point and asks how that could possibly be a solution. 'Oh it's OK says the garage. We bring you a courtesy car by low loader from Grimsby and give you that. We take your car back to Grimsby and fix it. Then we bring it back on a low loader and swap it for yours.' My dad politely told them to do one. He also inquired with Direct Line how on earth they could possibly justify such a ridiculous course of action but the call center monkey had no idea what he was on about and just kept saying 'But you get a courtesy car' completely missing the point.

    In the end he got in touch with a place in Sheffield, told Direct Line that's what he was doing and the non-approved place ordered it, painted it, took the old one off and put the new one on. All done and dusted in about an hour.

    So. Who else is paying too much for their insurance? Everyone? I thought so.

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