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Bloody birdcrap

SID Apr 8, 2011

  1. SID

    SID New Member

    hi guys need some help here. I just cleaned my car and i left it in the car park at work only to return and find bird **** all over it.. I washed it off straight away but cos of the heat in sunny side london its left its bloody stain mark in the paint work! I used car wax thought might help but no good.. Wondering if you guys knew if there was anything good to remove that **** off with out damaging the paint work?
  2. mx_rab

    mx_rab Member

    Bird sh*t is awful stuff. Unless you dont get it off straight away im talking 1-2 hours especially in this heat the acid inj the bird droppings will etch into the laquer. Wax is not going to have any affect on the etching. I have a bad one on the roof of my black a3 and its going to take some serious work to get it out. Try using meguiars scratch-x, this will reduce the appearance of it. Im going to take mines into the loacal body shop so they can use the rotary buffer to get it out.
  3. Smoothie

    Smoothie Active Member

    It's will need machine corrected if it's really bad, I would try some polish by hand first though! Just be patient don't rub the he'll out of just that one area
  4. B3N1T0 - S3 (58')

    B3N1T0 - S3 (58') New Member

    Had the same problem a couple of weeks ago, before you pay for the machine correction.....

    (1) Give "Autoglym Super Resin" a try (may need a couple of attempts - but removes most light contaminates)

    If you have no no joy after a couple of applications

    (2) Give "Autoglym Paint Restorer" a try (a little more of an abrasive, so dont exceed the immediate area unless required)

    After you have successfully removed any markings, you must apply a layer of wax! The paint would be left exposed to the elements otherwise!

    I hope this helps
  5. Stink

    Stink Member

    could also try some 'scratch x' had a similar problem on the .:R's paint work, this along with some polish and elbow grease managed to get it out, but it is a bloody nightmare! feel your pain!

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