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colinr Apr 12, 2008

  1. colinr

    colinr New Member

    Just replaced the oil mist filter on my 99 a6 2.5tdi and cleaned egr valve .
    Put everything back together but cant get the car to start.I have turned it over till diesel is
    spitting out of pipes and then tightened them up but no luck.
    Only thing I have achieved is a flat battery.So I will try again tomorrow.
    I was wondering if there is a particular method of priming\bleeding the system.
    Any help much appreciated.

  2. SiliconS

    SiliconS Member

    Spooky! I did this same job yesterday and the engine wouldn't start when it was all back together. Was going to ask my wife to help turn the key this afternoon while I loosen/tighten the injector pipes, but sounds like this method didn't work for you.

    Have you had any success since posting that message?

    Edit: Which is the EGR valve? Did I forget to do something while it was all in pieces? :ermm: I removed and cleaned out the coked-up intake manifold sections and I thought I was doing well.
  3. colinr

    colinr New Member

    The Egr valve is the silver round thing above the fuel pump and slightly to the right with a breather hose attached.
    It can get coked up around the seating and the valve will not close properly.
    Symptoms are lots of white smoke from exhaust and poor running also a blocked oil mist filter causes same fault I believe.
    Further symptoms are a continiously hot manifold when running.
    Also when running remove oil cap, if there is hissing sound like opening a can of fizzy drink it means oil mist filter is blocked etc.
    I am no expert, this is just info I have obtained on reading posts on here from far more knowledgeable people than me.
    Regarding getting mine started I have had no luck.
    I have reprimed the fuel filter but nothing,not a thing.
    I know that if one is desperate you can take the air filter off and and get someone to spray
    wd40 up the air intake as you turn it over on the key but this can lead to the engine running on and going bang so I am not going to try it.
    I have pretty much given up and am going to have to get it towed to a garage and see if they can get it running unless I get some help on here.
  4. SiliconS

    SiliconS Member

    Well, it's good news from me. I got my wife to crank the engine while I cracked a fuel pipe (half a turn) at the injector until diesel jetted out at me. Tightened the pipe up and repeated six times. After three pipes the engine was trying to start and after four it was running. I did all six though in case that helps speed things along. I hope that you can get yours running - have you tried this procedure? I can't imagine how I'd do this without someone else to help.

    I replaced the oil mist filter because I had pressure at the oil filler cap and a serious oil leak from the camshaft front seal. I'm hoping that the clean filter means the oil leak will stop as the engine's no longer pressurised.

    I now understand what the EGR thing is, but that looked like a tough job - the pipes that fit to it aren't very flexible and one of the bolts securing the valve to the pipes would be tough to access, I imagine.

    I'm going to do a write-up of the filter replacement process for anybody who might find it useful.
  5. owdgit

    owdgit Member

    In my experience, every time I change the fuel filter, the engine starts and stops after a couple of seconds and then is a real pig. If they dont start and run, its just a case of keeping on turning the motor over in 20 second bursts, eventually it will start.
    Against all recomendations, having a second car with a good set of jump leads is the only way I have managed to get mine going in the past.
  6. fuel filters ? just fill it to the brim with diesel or a bottle of ya fav injector cleaner (fortes) .you will never have a problem doing it this way and will start on the key every time. worst outcome is one injector might knock for a couple of seconds!!!!
    fit an empty filter and youve got all that volume of air to tavel thr' the injectors first!
  7. colinr

    colinr New Member

    Finally got her going.
    Heres a helpfull tip I got from my local garage.
    I pressurised the diesel tank with an air line.Just wrap a rag around the air hose to seal the diesel filler hole. pressurise the tank.
    The car started after about 5 seconds.

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