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bleeding brakes

brendan Dec 24, 2008

  1. brendan

    brendan 98 A4 1.8SE

    anything i need to know about bleeding the brakes? i.e. particular order etc.?

    i had a catastrophic brake failure the other day when a brake pad fell out while i was driving along, causing the piston to over-extend and brake fluid to drain completely out of the system. luckily i didn't have a crash.

    i refilled the fluid reservoir (it took half a litre) but the pedal still goes to the floor so i assume there's ton of air in the system.

    not had to do it on an abs system before so advice on anything special would be welcome. thx.
  2. enda1

    enda1 Member

    Shouldn't be a problem unless you have ESP then you need vagcom to cycle the esp pump during bleeding. The following sequence is from elsawin the dealers manual. Where they reference VAG1869 ignore and use any brake bleed kit or use the brake pedal to pump out
    • With the engine running and the bleeder screw on the rear right brake caliper open, use the brake pedal to pump brake fluid out of the reservoir until the level goes down as far as the opening for the hydraulic clutch connector hose.
    • Collect the used brake fluid in a suitable container. Close bleed screw.
    • On vehicles with manual gearbox the clutch slave cylinder should also be "flushed" with new brake fluid.
    • On models with electronic stability programme (ESP), note that the charging pump actuates the hydraulic pump for 10 seconds through the function 04-Basic Setting in display group 002=> Page 45-40.
    At the same time, note the following:
    • Connect V.A.G 1869 but do not switch on yet.
    • [SIZE=-1]‒ [/SIZE]Open bleeder screw on slave cylinder.
    • [SIZE=-1]‒ [/SIZE]Attach collector bottle hose.
    • [SIZE=-1]‒ [/SIZE]Switch on the bleeding appliance and allow about 100 cm3 of brake fluid to flow out of the clutch slave cylinder.
    • [SIZE=-1]‒ [/SIZE]Close bleed screw.
    The following steps apply to the four brake calipers.
    • 1 - Rear right brake caliper
    • 2 - Rear left brake caliper
    • 3 - Front right brake caliper
    • 4 - Front left brake caliper
    • Fit bleeder hose leading to brake fluid collector onto bleeder screw.
    • Open bleeder screw and allow about 250 cm3 of brake fluid to drain out.
    Pumping in new brake fluid flushes the used brake fluid out of the system.
    • Close bleed screw.
    • Check pedal pressure and brake pedal free play. Free play: max. 1/3 of pedal travel
  3. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    The order above is for LHD we need LR,RR,FR,FL.

    Be prepared to use a bit of fluid to get a good peddle,I used a few litres to get a good peddle when i changed to braided hoses
  4. enda1

    enda1 Member

    Sorrry I should have said. Order is as you look into the engine from the front of the car
  5. brendan

    brendan 98 A4 1.8SE

    cheers fellas. it was the left rear that went so it probably sucked up a load of air when i was pumping the pedal to get stopped.

    going to get my parts on saturday (if the factors are open) and have a day or weekend tackling that. have promised myself to get the car sorted in the new year, since i've been neglecting it for so long.

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