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bleeding brakes A3 1.8T

audi_ro Jun 9, 2010

  1. audi_ro

    audi_ro New Member

    ok i'm having some problems bleeding my brakes.

    i undone one of the brake pipes and let it all drain out. then i filled the pot up and went round bleeding the each caliper starting NSR/OSR/NSF/OSF. little to my knowlege i didnt realise there was 2 bleed nipples on the MC. so i tap them both with a hammer to brake/shake them lose a little, got a spanner on them and then they both snapped clean off.

    i went to my loacal motor factor and the price for a new ATE MC is £145 delivered which i'm not too keen on paying. however i spoke to a friend of a friend who works for SEAT and he seems to think i can still get away with it as long as i pressure bleed it instead of the old fashion manual way which i was doing in the first place.

    has anyone else had the same problem as me and found away around it or will i have to pay £145 for a new MC?

    any help would be great. many thanks Rolando
  2. Matt82

    Matt82 Active Member

    i once spent hours trying to bleed an a3 system that i had accidently filled with air (pressure bleeder failed..)

    there is no way of getting the system right without using those nipples on the MC if you have air in the MC, which you have

    they are 8mm iirc and really shouldnt need hammering. bad luck though

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