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BLB ENGINE A4 SLINE oil pump balancing shaft FAILURE

audiash Nov 12, 2010

  1. audiash

    audiash New Member

    :banghead: Hi Guys, totally new to this forum lark but wanted to let you know that last week my A4 SLINE 2.0Tdi 140BHP BLB engine gave up the ghost. Unfortunately with the SAME ISSUES as reported!!!!! OIL PRESSURE LIGHT CAME ON. LOADS OF SMOKE, RATTLES ETC ETC... Got it to a mates garage and he diagnosed the issue of the chain snapping. On researching this, he recommended I speak to AUDI UK. This I did and had the same response from their very helpful Customer Services........... "Sorry this is Chassis Specific" and although A6's using this SAME ENGINE (BLB) were recalled in 2008, the Audi A4, being a completely DIFFERENT CHASSIS, (Really would never have guessed) although USING THE SAME ENGINE was not recalled....how do they work that out. SAME ENGINE, SAME PROBLEM... recall one but not the other due to the chassis being different?????????? Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to stop the engine and have also blown the turbo unit too. TOTAL COST £3K. What makes me sick is that AUDI know the problem but will not acknowledge the fact. What GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and brand loyalty..... I was then informed that AUDI would not take an independent garage's word for the diagnosis of the problem and that I would have to get my car to the local AUDI DEALERSHIP and incur any costs for an assessment, for them to tell me what I already nkew! I had FULL AUDI SERVICE HISTORY up until the last service where I had the water pump, cambelt and full service carried out at an independent garage which is part of the GOOD GARAGE SCHEME but due to this I was told that a GOODWILL GESTURE was now not available. I have owned the car for 14 months, spent a fortune repairing the damage caused that AUDI are fully aware of with inferior parts fitted on the BLB engine. This was my dream car with a manufacturer who I thought was customer focussed and loyal. I DON'T THINK SO...... MIRROR, SIGNAL, OUT-MANOEUVRE..... more like MIRROR, SIGNAL, OUT-OF-POCKET..... would love to hear back from you all who have experienced this as well. Can someone give me any tips on the whole Watchdog form as well........Cheers guys. :banghead:
  2. Wrath

    Wrath Well-Known Member

    I didn't know that the A6's were recalled!? Bizarre. Shifting the might of Audi is difficult especially as only a handful of cases (compared to the number of cars manufactured) have surfaced. Watchdog and pushing Audi further (have you tried contacting De and UK CEO's?) are your only chance.
  3. bugracer39

    bugracer39 New Member

    Sorry to hear of your problem, I was thinking to buy an 06 TDI Sline 140BHP. Do you mind me asking what year yours is and if its possible that the 06 model will have this engine.
    I have always liked the look of the Audis and thought they were a quality piece of german manufacture! Reading some of the problems on this forum I am unsure now whether to buy one
  4. RMH1A4cab

    RMH1A4cab I'm in Cruise control

    Hi steve i understand your concern i was in the same situation when i got mine , by the nature of any car forum you will mostly only here about problems, which is good as long as you do your research before you buy which you are doing but sadly some get caught out.

    I have read alot about this failure and it seems to only affect early blb engines in 2005 and early 2006 , when i was looking for mine i had the advantage of knowing this so first port off call is the log book to check the engine code,the engine code in mine was used used up to 2009, so its easy to avoid the engines with this known fault.

    Don't let this put you off, audi are in the wrong by trying to sweep this under the carpet but all manufacturer do it to some degree ( my last car honda s2000 had a well known seized bushes issue the repair bill from honda £2400)

    After a recent drive to chamonix i know i have got the right car for me superb drive .

    Oh and i do feel very sorry for the op and hope you get it sorted , i know how it leaves a bitter taste when things like this go wrong i have experienced it first hand . Not sure if you will get anywhere with audi the only way to get them to take note is numbers the more people that complain to them or watchdog the more chance .

    Good luck .

    Last edited: Dec 15, 2010

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