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Blanked my EGR now i have boost issue

Dan TheMan Welburn Jun 15, 2013

  1. Hi all finally got round to cleaning my manifold and egr today and blanking the egr off as I had to fix the slow wiper issue so thought would kill two birds with one stone,

    Anyway removal went ok, manifold was caked with at least half inch of crud everywhere, egr was nearly full very little room for air to pass, so used a mixture of elbow grease panel wipe (closest thing to petrol I had) and hot water, got them both relatively clear, so refitted now I think ive fitted the plates correctly I put one either end of the pipe between egr and exhaust manifold, tightened everything up and refitted vac pipes took for a little spin and was very disappointed,

    before I don't the work, car ran well and would take 2 seconds (with foot to floor) and turbo would kick in and boost like a bugger. Now it doesn't, its almost as if the turbo is boosting but very slowly, no big pull like there was before,

    Knowing me ive probably done something wrong but thought id ask a little advice before ripping it all back off..

  2. crazy88

    crazy88 Loving the anonymity

    So just to check you've removed the copper-looking pipe that connects to the egr, and placed a blanking plate on either side of where that pipe went?

    If so, then I don't know what will have caused the boost issues, but it sounds like you've connected it all back up properly. You've made sure all the air intake and maf are re-connected?
  3. Yeah that's right one plate either end, and connected everything up as it was, but..... I have fiddled with the vac pipes and seems the boost is back, but now I get an almost wastegate flutter like sound when coming off the throttle,
  4. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter

    it does sound like the maf or a boost leak to me!
    is it kicking out black smoke like a champ?
    i had an intercooler pipe off once and it sounded really wrong too!
  5. No mate no smoke at all, boosting and driving fine now, still got the waste gate type noise, panicked earlier as the engine cut out and wouldn't start, although my clocks were showing 5 miles id ran out of diesel durghh...... can be an idiot at times, will update thread if anything else arises, got a 300 mile trip tomorrow

    DALE_AVANT Member Audi A4 Audi A3 Audi Avant Owner Group Team Brilliant Black TDi

    How did you get on with this?
  7. Seems fine now mate as everyone whos completed this task says turbo spools a little sooner and turbo whistle is a little louder but overall very happy with it, for a few hours of time its well worth while doing

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